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IRS Wahala

So, I did get a job and it has been so stressful and I ain’t complaining but hell! IRS is driving me crazy.

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Mensturation…The Symbol Of Greatness

So, Februar is into its second week and it is cold as ice! It does not matter how many pairs of socks and panty hoses I put on, my feet still freeze and I’m not exactly hating it!

It most definitely beats swiping at flies and fanning yourself with locally made hand fans that crap your wrists out!

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Zara Täglich Und A Pop Of Wax Print

I couldn’t resist the greatness of the weather today. So naturally,  I went on a photo shoot test featuring this oh so gorgeous Looney Tunes purse from Zara and my handmade hair comb

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Januar Checked…Natürlich!

I was totally ready for January to come to an end so I could have a sort of recap on all my resolutions!

So, let’s see. What did I do or did not do?

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The Ehepaar Ideology And All That Jazz

How are we just two weeks into January? Time is moving at such a snail pace and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing!

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Twelfth Nacht!!

Twelfth night! The twelfth day of Christmas, Epiphany Eve as some people like to call it and the official day to take down Christmas trees!

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The Sweet Evil Fact About Mothers-in-law!

I don’t know about y’all but I always feel happy when a light drizzle starts the day!  For me it’s the idea that all the negativity of the day before has been washed away and a chance at a better day is promised by the rain drop on your nose! Yup! It rained this morning and I loved it!

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The Großartig Possibilities Of The Year

Hey y’all!!!

It’s the tenth day of Christmas and to be quite honest I was (still am) blank about what to talk about. It’s easy to prep a blog post monthly but daily?

Wow! How do seasoned bloggers do it really? What super power do they have that enables them to keep going like it’s a large slice of cake?

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The Piggy Bank Effect

So normal life is back in full swing for a lot of people! The Holiday festivities are over and life just continues. Read More

The Very Dark Girl And Her Not Very Dark Lover!

Happy new year people!

Day 8 of Christmas and 8th post in the 12 days of Christmas theme! I have all these resolutions I want to write down and check off at the end of the year but the one stupid thing about me is the fact that I never get my resolutions done when I write them down.

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