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The Dress Factor

As a teenager and young adult, I hated dresses and never understood why anyone saw it fit to put one on.

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Das Alleon Abenteuer

The previous weekend was a totally lazy one, everything I had set out to do was undone; A Sonntag Beitrag, my coursera assessment video, putting away stuff in the new cupboards etc. Totally faul waren wir!

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Arbeit Palaver

It’s already two months since we moved and I’m still in awe of the new place. It’s nothing grand like a big city apartment with a patio and a view to a kill, but it’s ours and I love the whole idea of getting stuff done fresh.

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Fiction: Stimmung

Kiefer wasn’t the sort of woman who let things get the better of her. She always believed in her strength and would never let anything disturb her in ways that could destroy how she felt or thought.

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August: Die Rossmann Serie

Three crazy days of rain and I was ready to pop a muscle!

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A Crafter’s Stolz

The last day of any month is usually a bit exciting because well, a new month begins hours later oder? It’s like holding a photo album and viewing all the days past in serious Kodak moment. Read More

The Secret Lives Of Idiots

It has been a seriously trying month for the German residents and it’s particularly interesting with everything that is going on in the USA and the Brexit campaign, the constant killings in France as well. Let’s not even get carried away and not mention the Nigerian government.

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I Am Black

For anyone who doesn’t know MIA myself included, she is an English hip hop recording artist who began her singing career in 2002. At least so says Google.

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Quick Fixes Of The Coconut Kind

It’s basically half the month gone already…this month seems to be whizzing by like it’s heading for something….something great I hope!

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I read about the case of a woman who was raped while unconscious and caught on tape last week(late to the news I know). And her attacker was only given five months jail term.

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