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The Secret Lives Of Idiots

It has been a seriously trying month for the German residents and it’s particularly interesting with everything that is going on in the USA and the Brexit campaign, the constant killings in France as well. Let’s not even get carried away and not mention the Nigerian government.

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I Am Black

For anyone who doesn’t know MIA myself included, she is an English hip hop recording artist who began her singing career in 2002. At least so says Google.

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Quick Fixes Of The Coconut Kind

It’s basically half the month gone already…this month seems to be whizzing by like it’s heading for something….something great I hope!

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I read about the case of a woman who was raped while unconscious and caught on tape last week(late to the news I know). And her attacker was only given five months jail term.

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Magically Made, Real As It Gets

When I used to geek out on Grey’s anatomy, I totally loved Jesse Williams as Dr Avery and I thought it cute how much of a silly sausage he was while in love!

Anyways, I didn’t watch the BET Awards show so I was one of the gazillion people who heard about his speech later on. The speech that made him an over night sensation.

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Juli-Die Rossmann Serie

Hallo alle!

It’s the third month into my Isana products challenge and I’m still in awe of how they seem to be doing my hair good.

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Scars May Not Break Us

Ever since my first keloid scars, I have always hated the very idea of anything growing on my skin.

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Einhörner, Farben Und Die Kirchlichen Leute

Today was our second visit to the evangelische Kirche in our neighborhood and it was packed with families supporting their kids on their confirmation.

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Die Angst Vor Dem Frieden

The blog is officially 2 years alt und ich habe meine alte Beiträge gelesen….lustig.  They were basically a few lines long and it’s great to see how far I have come with my attempt at blogging.

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Liebe Meines Lebens

I saw a photo this morning on a social media site of a mixed race couple celebrating June 12 as the day the American Constitution changed to allow mixed marriages. This particular couple celebrate it every year with a photo that captures the beauty of how in love they are.

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