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I´m totally getting the hang of blogging and even though my eyes hurt from staring at the screen for so long I don´t mind it cos I get easily distracted…(hmmm maybe this is where my nephew gets it from) I recently joined a hair group on Facebook and I have to admit that seeing how dedicated most people are to stick to the curly hair makes me strive to achieve healthy hair and be able to share good and bad experience as well.

This is me totally babbling on today on diferent topics so don´t wonder when it changes…

I found this really cute photo of DreamWorks´ new Animation and it will feature a curly haired afro girl voiced by Rihanna. Now I´m no huge fan of the star but I´m a huge Cartoon Freak so really looking fwd to seeing it next year.


Is she not just a darling? Those eyes will get her every bow and rosette in my web shop!!! Hmmm I can just very well imagine a cute little Ankara bow made by moi pinned somewhere in there!!!

Oh did i mention I learned to braid my own hair??? Oh lawd I did and totally loving it ….I plan to carry more protective styles this year and the better part of next!!!!

Oya now…it´s lunch time and my butt is freezing from the cold even though it´s very sunny today (been raining for days now and I´m looking fwd to a good sunny day for grilling) and no I don´t miss the bloody Nigerian heat…not at all. My freezing butt is very happy….I can barely wait for winter.

So lunch today will be salad…boring I know but we are on a health plan so I need to stick with it…Sure I´ve snuck in a few pizza slices but who´s telling??!!! Mbok it´s very neccessary abi?

any nigerian meals on your menu???

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  • Wish I could braid my own hair too am hopeless when it comes to hair. I just had ayamase one of my favourites dishes. Do you live in Nigeria or England because I love Nigeria.

    • I actually learned watching YouTube and practice truly does make perfect!!!! Ayamase omg i love the idea of that dish but find it sooooo tasking to cook. Today we are having basmati with regular Nigerian tomatoes stew with a bit of plain beans. I live in Germany. I lurrrve Nigeria too!!!

      • I love your blog, keep it up I really enjoy reading your post.

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