Its the middle of the year…its not supposed to be cold and wet. I hate when the ground is wet. It drives me insane like literally insane!! Whatever happened to April showers??

Moving to Germany wasn’t a spur of the moment thing …I mean sure England would be my first choice…I have a thing against languages so all I ever wanted was English… Yet here I am learning a new language @ the ripe old age of 33 and I must admit I’m loving it. Deutsch isn’t as hard as I imagined…just a tad bit confusing more than anything. I just joined an expat blogging site to help gather more info about Germany that you don’t get to read about the normal way! I took a placement test for my residence permit and apparently I need to brush up on my A1! I will begin a more integrated course before the year ends so by this time next year…

Are you living in a different country? Have you picked up a new language?

Make una prost o…ehhh raise your glasses!!

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