Babbel App

In my bid to get my A1 German language going, I installed the babbel language app… Well of course it wasn’t free duh!! I got the 9.99 or so subscription and I have to admit that it is totally incredible. Sure I have others like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone but I’m loving Babbel a whole lot. I attended a three months crash course in A1German and boy was I upset…not one word of English was spoken in the class.. Which kind of makes sense seeing as I was the only student from an English speaking country so OK I guess I need to stop whining about that. Lol Anyways it has helped me brush up, getting ready for my integrated class and I’m able to understand the language when I need to. Like going to food stores and the apotheke. I did meet a shop girl in my local Netto who is always happy to speak English with me so that’s way cool. Anyways its another sunny day today and I just might take a long walk around my neighbourhood. There’s a little tierpark a few meters away with reindeers(yes I said it) and goats!! Now the goats I find funny. Why? In Nigeria goats are not pets or zoo animals!! Yup they are bred for meat and very tasty too. Lol. There’s a particular delicacy called isiewo very spicy and totally tasty. Will make a post about that later! Have a great day and no,I won’t steal the goats for meat.

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