Germany kino

Mad Max

I was just thinking about how a remake of an old Mel Gibson movie would be when I found out about a new mad max. My excitement knew no bounds. Tom Hardy (you remember him right? The big bad baddie Bane) will play road warrior Max Rockatansky along side South African beauty Charlize Theron and not surprisingly directed by George Miller.. .yup he did the original. They say it’s set for 2015 and I might go see it when it’s showing.

The kino I go to shows movies in its original language with German subtitles…which actually helps me learn more Deutsch. I would never give up watching a movie in English tho. I can’t take it when Samuel Jackson is in a movie but I don’t get to hear that oh so amazing voice…or Morgan Freeman or Colin Firth… You get the point. That I cannot under no circumstance, give up…at all. So there is a movie god somewhere that loves me really for providing the English kino for me!!! Haha.

In a few weeks tho I will be going to see the new transformers and I’m pretty excited about that one!! I even got a tee-shirt from Primark so cute and I will show my love for them machines on that day!! Lol What movies have you seen recently??

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