essen Germany naija blues


All dressed up…or should I say down? Anyways went for a walk and stopped by the tierpark.

Its a really cool place. The spielplatz is perfect and the picnic/ park tables are just made right.

A few weeks ago I and a great gal I met on a Facebook group for English women in Koln had a mini picnic here once. She got to try her first Nigerian rice dish. Haha

Anyways I sort of went berserk with all the leaves and flowers falling into my plate…yeah I’m no fan of nature. Gimme a couch and a remote control rather than lounging with nature. The bugs the flies(German flies are so bloody massive) the leaves and flowers falling over and in my hair. I hate it!! Suffice to say we didn’t stay long. Left after our meal….had nothing to do with the crowd of kids we got bombarded with. Quite friendly kids too, so excited to display their little English words.

So I saw people pet the goats and all I kept thinking was a nice bowl of isiewo with a nice cool glass of maltina or Sprite. Lol no I didn’t. I’m a meat lover but I don’t want to see my meat alive before I eat it or I will never taste a piece of it at all.

This one time, it was Christmas and the whole family was together. Someone got my dad a nice chunky goat for our traditional jollof rice and I couldn’t eat it because I saw it being readied for the boiling water and spices.

Anyways I’m totally loving the reindeers there. The huge branch-like horns are actually quite gorgeous and all that was missing was the big red noses haha. My nieces and nephews would so love it there too!!

Ever been to a zoo? What animals tripped you totally?

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