essen naija blues


I was on Aliexpress trying to order a few display cards for my web shop…yeah it´s not ready yet but soon I hope…anyways there was a model plane up for sale and I just remembered the last time I was flying back to Nigeria and how annoying the flight was.

The passenger in front of me was Nigerian so what he did next really upset me because I believe he should have known better than to try the stunt he pulled. Yup you guessed right…he decided to recline his seat so far back to disturb me. I grumbled, I tapped his shoulder I spoke really nicely to him but nooooo he plain flat ignored me. Did I panic? No I did not. I simply waited for my cold revenge which got served along with his lunch.

Now I´m a big African woman with scrawny legs so I put all my weight down there and nudged his seat making sure he spilled his drink. Did I stop here? Oh noooooo I allowed him to fall into a deep sleep and then my nudging continued. He got so upset he turned around to complain and I so ignored him. Nonsense!!!

I mean I get that the seat can be reclined but do you have to take it so far back when there´s someone behind you? I was so bloody mad at him the rest of the flight and sure I could have changed seats but I didnt want to. I loved where I got and I shouldn´t have to change it to make another person comfy. I mean if the flight attendant offerd me first class then yes ok I would go over in a flash!!! If you want to lounge on board a flight please buy first class and let us economy passengers endure less eh? How hard can it be mbok?

I love travelling, being on a plane(except the part where you share bathrooms. it just drives me insane using public bathrooms) waiting in line for my passport to be stamped, striking conversations with strangers you will never meet again, breathing the air as you walk out of the Airport. Yup I so love all that so the very assed man really made me mad and spoilt the rest of my trip for me. I´m definitely not a happy go lucky gal…frankly I always look mad at everyone and hardly ever have a smile in place but he just destroyed my trip and I swore I could have boxed his ears if I wasn´t such a kind hearted lady….coughs

Okay Leute ist time for some Abendessen. Tonight we are having deep fried Fisch und Krönchen. It´s my first time eating Krönchen so lets see how that goes. I´m not adventurous at all with food and like to eat what I know or what looks good to me. Don´t go feeding me Sushi or Sauerkraut.

What´s your worst travel story?

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