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Get it right, make an effort…

Yesterday I was on facbook and saw a photo I thought made a lot of sense. The Picture you see is Uzo Aduba a character on the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. I think the words pretty much says it all.

wpid-img_26880897536699.jpegWhat is the point of changing your given name to make another person comfy because they cannot pronounce it properly. The idea is to make an effort. If I go all out to learn how to pronounce all the odd names I have never heard of, why not do the same thing? An African name is no stranger than a Russian Polish or German name.

If my name is Nneka I will not change to Neka. If it’s Edidiong I will not change it to Didi or Eddie. If it’s Okporoko I damn well will not change it to Koko. I could write down a whole bunch of Nigerian names but you get the point abi?

In my opinion, it’s a lot better to pronounce my name in all the ways possible except the right way than to cut it short for your comfort. If you are called Deirdre I will get it right. Or Schumacher or Müller

Ever had anyone slaughter your name?

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  • Indeed. Lol

  • Lool, I love the reply Uzoamka’s mum gave, puts things into perspective. I’ve been commenting as Tuke, just changed it to my full name, Adetuke, hehe.
    Very people actually call me by my full name though, most people say Detuke, some say Tuke and some say Tuksy.

    • Tuke kind of reminds me of the character in George of the jungle Lol but I figured it was you…I’m very smart na. Lol. But well, her mum was right abi? Why change my African name for your convenience? Er if you can’t pronounce it you leave it

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