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A Thin Line Between Rasicm And Stupidity…

Have you ever wanted to drag a stranger by his collar and land him a good sounding slap for being stupid and then realising that would only make you look equally stupid?

Well today we are taking our usual walk when we passed by a bunch of Obdachlose looking people and one yelled black and white in the strangest voice ever. It took everything I had to not give him the finger without seeming like a tout myself. Gorgeousness was quite calm and so I figured I keep my naija self in check. I guess dude wanted to show off his english skills so bad he ended up sounding like Tonto Dikeh’s singing voice.

Once, some older dude tripped and fell flat on his butt while staring at us and Gorgeousness went over to help him.

I know that being in an interracial marriage is bound to give some ignorant people cause to show their stupidity and I’m so ready for that. But I will draw the line when it involves our kids. The ibibio witchcraft that I will display if you so much as look at them will be a classic tale.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in any situation?

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  • Soooo true

  • Cynthia

    Hehehehe ………that’s bound to happen…..that’s why I lurrrrrve naija……no such control!………you know you just myt get a reply to your opinion……..

    • Rotfl. Ckute love naija is an understatement lol. The slaps you shall recieve… so you best keep your opinion to yourself!!!

  • Linda Onwuameze

    I don’t know if they really know how stupid they look displaying their ignorance. Anyway such reactions are expected from the unexposed . It really shows how timid they are. But please never let your “naija” self out…lol.

  • That’s the sad part about being ignorant Linda, they are clueless. Haha make i no show myself athink? Hehe

  • Sigh. I just hope that the next generation will make a better go of things

  • Sometimes I wonder how people get to loose their humanity, people get to judge you for circumstances beyond your control. If you are black, gay, short or some other things beyond your control. I think it takes maturity to keep your naija hands off the face of a bunch of retards trying you ruin your outing with their stares.

    • I always used to think it was a balance between ignorant ppl and the rest of the world. But the high level of ignorance just makes you wonder. I don’t mind the stares at all just keep your opinions to yourself is all I ask.

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