Cat…er no robot fight!!!

So it seems Transformers lived up to it´s expectation of being a crap assed movie this summer. Apparently Michael Bay has made the worst Transformer movie ever and I must say I´m more than slightly upset about the criticism.


According to Peter Travers of Rolling Stone, it was a dull, dumb and soul sucking installment ever. Chris Nashawaty of Entertainment Weekly says it´s an endless barrage of nonsense and noise.

Basically more bad reviews than good but in my opinion, it´s a movie about cars turning into giant robots exchanging blows…what is the big deal?

This isn´t Inception or 12 Years A Slave that need some sort of indepth dialogue and seriousness. Sure it is a bit disappointing seeing as Bay is my number one Blockbuster King but it does not change the fact that the movie delivered on shit being blown up, robots(shocker) fighting and I do believe it is better than the last one…now that one I thought was total crap.

That said, am I going to see it now I have read all the bad reviews? Er of course!!! It´s Transformers…what´s not to like?

If you have lived in Nigeria as long as I have and been shocked into oblivion with Naija movies then you will probably understand. Now I´m not comparing Transformers to Nigerian movies…oh gawd no…I´m simply saying I will watch a movie regardless of the reviews and make my own conclusion.

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