To Beans Or Not To Beans…

I decided to add a food review on my blog….just cos I can…lol.

Anyways yup you guessed right, beans on my mind. Not vanilla, coffee, cocoa or castor beans but Black Eyed Peas…supposed-to-bring-good-luck-for-the-entire-year-hence-eating-it-as-a-new-year-meal-black eyed beans.

Bep is a legume, botanical name vigna unguiculata. They are drought tolerant so do not need excessive watering. Has a lot of vitamins from B1-9, K and E. Zinc protein, carbs, sugar etc.

Sadly Wikipedia got the naija Akara dish spelled wrongly. They called it akkra. Maybe that’s how its called in the Caribbean (ich weiß nicht) but not in Nigeria.

For non Nigerians, Akara is made from skinless blended beans mixed with onions, spices and whatever tickles your fancy and then fried into balls. Now in my opinion, there isn’t any fast rule as to what can go into your mixture (some pple may disagree) but what remains constant is the consistency of the mixture which comes in handy when frying as it should rise(imagine donuts rising in the pan).

Another traditional dish we make out of beans in Nigeria is moin moin. This I call lazy akara as you don’t need special inbred scientific skills. I just blend the beans, toss in whatever I want and cook it. Yup no frying with moin moin…you can even bake it in the oven but that baking process tire me abeg.

For dinner today we decided to just plain cook it. The afro shop closest to us is two stations by train so I rather just walk to the Türkische laden which is a very short walk for me. Now the thing about Turkish beans is how hard they are. You have to soak them up for hours before cooking(yup I didn’t realise this the first time I used Turkish beans)

Once they are done soaking I put them into a pressure pot, filled that up with water and let it cook. I remember as a kid watching beans cook and seeing the water change to black and wondering how mum would expect us to eat something looking like that.

Anyways, the black water is tossed out when you sieve the beans.

Now my Mum had her method we stayed true to until I met a girl who cooked hers differently. She would sieve the now soft beans, set aside then fry some red oil with onions and spices and diced fresh tomatoes and I never went back to my old beans making method.(sorry mum)

But I gradually created my own method of adding tons of curry, mixed veggies and paprika. Today tho Gorgeousness suggested adding diced wurst and first I was sceptical but it turned out OK!!

That’s what was served for dinner, black eyed peas in red oil sauce and it was amazing, great for vegans too

So that’s the food for the month of July… Black Eyed Peas… Ever tried it?

Oh dear gawd now I’m craving some ijebu garri!


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