The Beater And The Beatee

I saw a video on Facebook today that really upset me and made me cry just a wee bit. Everyday we go about our daily business and probably never ask the “what would Jesus do” question by inserting our own name instead.

The video was really violent and what really disturbed me wasn’t the footage but the bystanders.

Here was a woman as big as a black hawk down punching an Elmo sized opponent who was already flat on the ground. Kicking, yelling and throwing in more punches to her face and what did people do? They whipped out their cell phones to record the knock out.

The only person who tried to help was the 2years old son of the woman receiving the blows. “Leave my mummy alone,” he cried, trying to stop her and all the hawk could say was “hold your son or I will beat him up too.”

And people let this happen?

Is this the world we live in now? Where machines control the part of our senses that makes us human? Do we now live in a world where you get fascinated by the nuuber of likes and comments you recieve from posting a rather disturbing footage? Even with a child involved? A child that seemed to be the only one with common sense?

Now onto blasting the Beatee(the one recieving the hot blows) So she layed there and let the buffoon beat the shit out of her? She couldn’t grab a limb and pull or grab onto some fat hanging and pull it?

Choi, this is why I like naija. Let one person take all the glory? For why?

There’s no need to win the fight at all if you can’t, just throw in a survival skill that would stop the blows from landing on your precious face.

It’s really sad that we have gotten to the point in this life where being human means nothing to us. Where we have more respect for our electrical devices than we do humanity, where the number of likes we get on Facebook is more important to us than helping a stranger.

Its a sad sad world we live in and as much as we like to blame the President and the government about our situations we need to understand that we also are to blame and the question still remains…what would you do?


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