Köln is a great city and it´s amazing the different people that pass through on the daily and you wonder what their story is…well I always wonder. I almost wished I had a cool camera so I take photos of the people I see whenever I visit the city. Sort of like the New York page I saw once.

It’s totally swept in by foreigners and my curiosity is most piqued by the different races I see sitting by the long steps leading to the famous Dom Cathedral. You begin to wonder who they are, what their story is.

Now I’ve never gone into the Dom myself but I do get why it’s an attraction. Whenever I go by it, there’s all these people taking photos and I’m pretty sure I’m in a few shots lol.

But anyways, I’m still amazed at the crowd and the fashion. Wow.

Now I’m no fashionista and doubt I will ever blog about the latest trend in fashion, the hottest red soled shoes or the largest Tom Ford sunglasses…hell I know for a fact I’m not ever going to blog about my outfit of the day…I leave fashion to my sister.

However, the fashion I see in Köln? Well it’s always a hit and a miss. Once I sat awaiting my train connection and heard the koinking coming towards me. I turned and there was this man gorgeously dressed I must admit but flamingo heels? Seriously? I couldn’t help staring at him and he didn’t mind me at all.

Then let’s not delve into little bitty shorts on a not so bitty body or the dude I saw checking out another dude(completely irrelevant but hey its Köln)

Then there is the hot chic who tried to get away with someone’s suitcase but lucky for him she wasn’t fast enough. Or the lovers quarreling or the people racing to the platform to not miss their connection or the little old lady who couldn’t keep her eyes off my large braids styled into a bun on top of my head.

The utter chaos and randomness in Köln Hbf is what makes it totally cool and bloody interesting and I like it. Haha.

Ok not so much the racing for my train. I did it for the first time yesterday and while it was a tad bit exciting racing like a child(except the part where I had to hold on to my errrr chest)and the nice lady who stood by the entrance holding it open for me, I still don’t want to do that again…which is completely impossible…






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