Patterns, Colours Bows Und The Sun

It’s crazy hot outside today….seriously.

OK maybe naija sun still takes the crown but with all the rain we’ve been having the past weeks, the sun(hot as it is) is a total blessing and I hope it keeps this way the whole season. So being a Saturday… hot one too did I mention that already?…which is mostly always a lazy day as I prefar to make stuff during the week, I decided to try my hands at photography.

Now anyone who knows me, knows I suck big time in this department. I take such crap photos and I’m so unapologetic about it most times. I spent the better part of the week crafting for a hair picnic I plan to attend and show off my pretty neat attempt at handmade accessories.

My last batch of accessories I sent off to naija but then I figured I create a client base here cos let’s face it, it makes no sense at all mailing them all the way to Nigeria. Sure I did have a not so grand dream of opening a shop kinda like Claire’s and Bijou Brigitte…. Tall dream yes but hey I bet that’s what they said to Donald Trump…or Richard Branson…or hmmm what’s that Facebook dude’s name again?

So I’m also trying my hands at sewing but I do not have any patience for that right now. I got this really cute sewing machine from the Stiefmutter and still trying to figure it out. The manual? Well that’s all in Deutsch and we all know how that’s working out right now. I was pretty excited about it tho when she gave it to me. We visited her for Easter lunch I think it was and she just handed it to me. I was totally speechless which she and Gorgeousness found funny but yeah.

Anyways, I’m mos def going to be taking some online courses for that. How hard can it be right??? So those crap photos I was talking about? Feast your eyes y’all…..

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