Popcorn, Soda and William

Growing up, in all my comic book days, I was never a huge fan of tmnt. I thought it was senseless…well granted, most comic books were senseless…mask wearing, sword wielding turtles saving the city with their oddly sophisticated master. Senseless.

But my nephew who is 8 enjoys it and the babysitting days had me watching it with him…hell I even recorded episodes while he was at school so he would see it after homework and chores. Well you know how things grow on you? This bunch did.

This weekend we are watching trailers and guess what pops up? Yasss tmnt the movie. I was so sure it said directed by The Bay but reading on IMDb it’s Jonathan Liebesman and produced by Michael Bay and a bunch of other people. Now I’m not a fan of Megan Fox at all…the only thing she brings to a movie is sex appeal and I’m too much of a tomboy to understand a sexy woman. But guess who else is there…William Fichtner. My heart skips a beat around this dude and I’m not sure why(sorry Gorgeousness). He isn’t Bradley Cooper-A-Team sexy or Brad Pitt-Troy sexy. Hell, he isn’t even Kevin Spacey-House of Cards sexy. I just find him hot damn sexy. That oval face, the nose, his speech, his eyes, those steps….holy hell….so he is my number one reason to see this movie.

Quite a cast in it. Whoopi G who we haven’t seen in a while, Tony Shalhoub from Monk, Johnny Knoxville from Jackass, Will Arnett from Blades of Glory, Danny Woodburn from Seinfeld. So basically, the movie does seeem like crap and a little bit like a transformer type flick but hey that’s ok. Lets see what happens in August.

Next up….Avengers. Yeah, just the name alone is enough to market it. The movie basically needs no words at all. The first installment was a bloody huge success and every character was played perfectly. Jeremy Renner played Hawkeye so so well I wished he would get his own movie…yes well he’s a crap actor(did you see the last Bourne movie?). So that’s a wasted wish but you never know. He was amazing in Avengers. Scarlett Johansson well I think she’s highly over rated cos her acting in the new Captain America I found too blasè and she was almost invincible to me. The Hulk? Oh mehn, Mark Ruffalo played him so much better than Eric Bana. Samuel L J, well, he’s got a great voice and appearance yes but hmmm he wasn’t a lasting character for me even though we can’t have Avengers without him. Robert Downey…good gawd that man was made to be Tony Stark. James Spader I haven’t seen him since the days of that law tv series….what was the name again sef…Boston Legal. Apparently, he plays Ultron. So I am looking forward to this movie. And ohhh I hope we get to see Falcon. Sadly this doesn’t get released until May2015.

Next is Guardians Of The Galaxy. This movie I’m a bit sceptical about. Sure it’s a super hero type movie which I love but I never read the comic books…hell, I never even saw a copy. My favourite actor Djimon Hounsou is in it and will play Koraths character. He talked about his son wishing he were light skinned so he could be Spider-Man. He says it came as a shock to him and hopefully playing a hero role will provide diversity. So we do need more black actors playing super heroes. Not just side kicks or side kicks to side kicks or side kicks thrice removed…whatever that means. Strangely enough, it’s got quite a cast. Zoe from Avatar even though I think her characters are always the same. She’s either blue or she’s wielding a machine gun. Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Michael Rooker who’s role n the Walking Dead series was actually quite amazing. Benicio del Toro who I haven’t really noticed after Sin City and the gorgeous Glenn Close. Will I go see it…nah I don’t think so. I’m probably biased cos i never read the comics.

Expendables 3 gets released in 24 days and I’m holy crap excited. This time they are supposed to save the most powerful man of the free world and guess who is in it……drum roll….Mel Gibson. So it’s all about history…let’s face it, these actors really need a museum(a line from the last movie) but they are so good that in my opinion, they are the true movie stars and I plan to have a storage unit of their movies for our kids. You can’t beat classic. This one will be really hot because its a combo of tech geeks and classic brawn!!!!

I will review more movies in another post as I’m getting way over my head with typing. Yes I love writing big shocker. So have your popcorn ready, some Ben and Jerry’s maybe, check these movies out and lemme know what you think.

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