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Tetanus, George And The Case Of The Tasty Veggies

So much for summer eh? It’s been raining like kilode(a phrase i picked up and actually like it) and all those cool summer outfits that I never get to wear in naija are still rocking my wardrobe. Lucky enough I don’t need to be out on those wet days.

Yesterday though I had a termin with the doctor to figure out what the dark spot under my foot was. As a regular panic maniac I imagined a tumor but turns out it was just wart and I was prescribed a gel like ointment which I just have to brush over the spot lightly. Then he starts to ask me about my shots and if I can come with it and I start to laugh. In my best German I told him no, and couldn’t even remember my last shot.

Anyways I took a tetanus shot before leaving and got this booklet validated by WHO and all I could think was even the coolest hospital I went to in naija didn’t have Vaccination certifications this cool. My arm hurts like crap and it’s my right so getting things done is annoying. And I still have 2 more shots to go. Lord I hate injections.

Oh dear did y’all hear about Mr Clooney’s engagement? The forever bachelor finds a bride to be? Are you gaming me? I never thought the day would come but here we are. I hear she’s a lawyer and a United Nations’ activist which is a plus since we know he’s into that sort of thing. Will we finally see some Clooney sperm come to life? I have no idea but he is def off the markets now ladies…for those into his cunningly dreamy eyes and heartbreaker smile.

Hmmm writing about George has me thinking about what we used our left overs to do. Don’t ask me what the connection is cos I sincerely have no idea. Let’s push it down to an act of random writing. It’s dinner time and I had no idea what to whip up. I wasn’t in the mood for a quick pizza or anything store bought as I enjoy cooking…to a minimum ofcourse as you won’t see me seriously designing my plate….so into the freezer I went and found left over curry cooked rice.

What did I do? Simple fried rice with a dash of Asian sweet sauce. It actually turned out good I have to admit. Did you know that frying carrots and onions together gives a really great smell? Well it does. With bits of wurst, onions, carrots and green paprika, garlic and black pepper with my bottled Asian sweet sauce, dinner was born!!!

The cool part being that the veggies added were still fresh and crunchy. Yeah,we are still on that health path even though giving up ice cream is a very slow work in progress. That one go tey because my love affair with ice cream is never ending. The eiscafe around the corner fit don tire for me.

So do not judge my photography skills, I flunked rocket science...or I would have if it was a subject I had to take!!!

Enjoy the weekend.



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