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Bed, Bfast, And Everything In Between

I remember reading a post on naijahusband blog about serving breakfast in bed and it got me howling out in laughter because Gorgeousness has tried a gazillion times but this naija bred gal always manages to wake up before it’s served, destroying the element of surprise.

My parents never did breakfast in bed…if they did, mom will not hesitate to rumble on about it…hell Dad never cooked a meal for mum now that I think about it. I think the new generation of married people are setting new unspoken ground rules that our mothers never even thought of.

Sure there are some seriously traditional women who believe it’s an absolute must to serve their husband’s meals all decked out on a tray. (The only time you would see me using a tray is just out of sheer laziness so I can carry everything I need for dinner all at once ) If it’s eba, a bowl of water beside the tray so he doesn’t have to get up and go to the bathroom to wash his hands. Those who believe their husbands shouldn’t have to do chores at all except bringing home the bacon.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I get in the mood, I’m amazing at chores but still believe it has to be split especially during the weekends and if you think about it, it’s fun cleaning together. The occassional cheek kisses as you pass each other by while doing chores or the smack on full french kisses that would be stolen. It’s amazing and it gives a certain kind of joy in knowing that you two are in this together.

I totally have nothing against women who believe that they need to take care of their men like you would a child…ok maybe just an itsy bit upset about that, but it works for them. I tried it but it just wasn’t me at all and I think there are a ton of women who would agree with me on this. Lol.

I’m huge on ironing and Gorgeousness is wash and wear so of course ironing is up to me which I so do not mind because no way am I letting us wear anything that hasn’t been swiped by heat. Let’s not tell him but I totally fake not knowing how to do some chores(I think he suspects my faking).

Anyways, surprise breakfast worked this one time and I do have to admit it was amazing with Gorgeousness waking me up to a table decked out ready for bfast. A girl could get used to it but ehem…my naijaness will not let this be a regular weekend occurrence sadly.

But it sure was a good feeling. Waking up with a kiss of fresh breath on my face and knowing there’s no such thing as “the woman does this and that and those, the man just gets this done” in our home. It’s all 100/100.

So like I said, no offense to traditionally bred women, just my opinion.

Enjoy your weekend

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