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When Jamie Foxx Killed Spiderman

Juuuuuuuust a quick vent on how disappointed I was by The Amazing Spiderman. I didn’t see what the hype about the first installment was by the way. This second one was just so sad to watch. And then there was Jamie Foxx as Electro.

The lines were total crap, the comedic parts of the movie was crap, the green goblin’s make up was a Chucky movie gone so so so bad. Even Stan Lee’s appearance was so…..

There has never been a super hero movie I watched that killed me this bad since Eric Bana’s Hulk. Good lawd. And they plan to kill us again with another installment? Haaaaaaa, oga o.

Then comes Best Man Holiday. The rave about it got me drooling and eager and I’m not sure it showed in Nu Metro kino…well I didn’t check.

I finally got to see it yesterday and I have to say that I was totally disappointed. It felt like they were holding on to the success of the first. The ever pretty Nia Long made watching bearable though. And Eddie Cibrian…doesn’t he age?

These two movies were just a huge waste of money and I suffered thru the whole screen times. It’s a one time deal and I’m not going back for more…

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