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Kinks, Yarn, And All That Jazz

This morning I woke up telling myself I would learn something new today….should be practicing my deutsch of course…but my recent love for diy has me thinking about making myself a bohemian wig. I’m down to my last haul and was going to try out the beehive cornrowed crochet hair but I suck majorly at cornrows. Will that stop moi? Oh nein.

So it’s synthetic hair….big shocker…and I once saw a girl turn it to a wig which I have to admit is pretty cool and since I’m a lover of all things diy, ofcourse I’m jumping that wagon. wpid-img_20140801_085601.jpg

Recently, I haven’t been in the mood for the jazz that comes with my afro kinky hair so the routine now is wash, deep condition, and then LOC. Next day, install yarn twists which I’m totally good at right now and the salons are so not seeing me for this. So the yarn stays in my hair for about 3-4 weeks. I of course use 100% acrylic and it keeps my hair moisturised cos you know, yarn dries so slowly which helps my hair.

I’m trying a water and aloe vera juice only moisturizer to see how that works. My hair loves water but it has got very low porosity so I have to use glycerin as well. Honey I use for dc and thats about it. Four times a day I spray my kinks with that mix and thats it. Simple.

Anyways, about the wig, jury still out on it as I do not have a model head and def need one. Hmmm, maybe Gorgeousness will volunteer as a head model……ich hoffe


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