I Am So My Hair…Deal With It

This morning I found myself reading hair posts from another blog ( and it got me thinking that I totally miscalculated my hair journey. Yes, I have been natural five years but in all that time, I never moisturized, oiled, deep conditioned or did any of the things I was meant to do for the health of my hair. You are probably thinking, ist just hair and you are right…for the most part.

I always say I am my hair because I truly am. My hair wouldn´t exist without me now would it? I could just easily go to the afro stores and purchase a jar of relaxer and just slap it on and be done after all this was my goal, to stay natural for five years then add relaxer every two years.

I recently got tired of dealing with my hair and yes I am now living the fifth year mark, but have decided to keep my hair natural for another five and see what happens. so to not deal with my hair regularly, I started installing yarn. Like a girl I know on a hair group would say, I feed my hair then install yarn and I leave it in for 4 weeks.

It has been one year since I realized my hair care or lack of it has been wrong and less than that actually since I started a steady routine. I began deep conditioning around February I believe and being a lazy natural, I do this once a month. I never co wash which is not a crime. But I do moisturize daily and as I said before in an old post, my hair is seriously thanking me for it.

Now one thing I do not agree with is people going on and on about the European Standard Of Beauty. We all just like to blame our problems on someone else. It is much easier to deal with them that way than accepting your fáilure. The Europeans didn´t come into Africa and say to us…ye must have straight hair or die…nope, I´m pretty sure they didnt. So many people will def not agree with me on this and boohoo for them, but this is my opinion.

Everyone just some how managed to get into the business of having straight hair and it just stuck. I worked at a place once where my Boss sees my natural hair the one time I let it out while working and she…yes she… told me to do something about it that it looks really bad. Her do something meant braid or wear a wig or something. Now I have no problem doing any of that, but only because I want to, not because someone told me to. She´s my Boss so what? My hair isn´t typing away at my desk, my hair isn´t talking to clients. Did I do as she asked? Ermm of course not. Did she fire me for that? No she didnt. Why? Because I was good at what I did for her.

So more often, it is Africans who actually have a problem with a person keeping her kinks. Can anyone explain how the European Standard Of Beauty got onto everyones lips? Lets not blame anyone but us for not treasuring what we have. The good part is that mothers are now determined to keep their kids hair natural. So it may seem like a trend, but at least it is a good one.

Let us not see straight weave as a bad thing though, because it is not. No harm ever came from changing your looks to spice up your life abi?


Here is to the next five years….


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