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Peaches, Ramblings And A Liebster

I finally got around to watching Captain Phillips this weekend and it was as amazingly good as I thought it would be. Tom Hanks is the best and most incredible actor ever, and Barkhad Abdi? Lawd, he was sooooooooooo good. It felt like I was smack in the middle of it and this is exactly why I love movies…the feeling that you are experiencing the same adventures at exactly the same time. Now I´m not one for the seas….in truth, it scares me shitless and erm no I do not swim even though I sort of look fwd to lessons by Gorgeousness, and I may not have a smoking hot bikini bod, but who bloody cares?

It was a bit of a relaxing weekend for us and we didn´t get to do much. The rain stopped our 1000 steps plan….errrrm yes I´m blaming the rain for not allowing me to do a bit of exercise. and when winter comes, I will blame the cold weather. We do however walk as often as we can when the weather is warmer. And walk short distances instead of hopping the bus or train. We walk to the Food Stores and back and yes I grumble sometimes about being tired but I do know ist great for our health so, bring it on!!!!

Saturday lunch was at the MIL´s and it was totally amazing. She made roasted chicken and barbequed fresh mixed veggies with Mozzarella käse and some regular German Sauce that was quite good. Now the reason I will not put up pics on our visit is errmmm, yes she´s a hoader and has all this stuff around her flat from a wide selection of dolls to books to mini Buggys to mirrors and photos and a whole bunch of things I can not for the life of me name. I remember the first time I had lunch with her and when we left, Gorgeousness asked me if I still wanted to be with him after meeting his hoarder mum. Little does he know my own mum is a pack rat!!! Besides, I´m with him for him not for who his mum is. Whenever she visits us, she comes bearing stuff and we just toss them into the kellar. When said kellar gets too full, into the trash they go!!!! Once she asked for something and I said hmmm, ich denke es ist im kellar!!!(I think it is in the cellar)

I feel like our flat is her hoarding extension and it drives Gorgeousness bonkers….erm and me too but she´s such an amazing woman and it is pretty hard to say no to her. So we try our best to be nice when saying no or just dump in the kellar for future trash!!! Anyways lunch was amazing with her and she´s a brilliant cook.

Oh by the way, I got nominated for a Liebster Award by Tuke…I looooove her blog….and it involves answering a series of questions then nominating 11 other blogs with less followers. Now i´m pretty sure I do not know that many bloggers so this week I will be on a hunt for unknown blogs like mine. It is supposed to be a sort of inspirational award and ist really amazing reading other blogs. I never did this until I created mine and ist crazy how many blogs are out there.

Speaking of blog inspiration, I´m a new fan of the Humans Of New York page and started thinking about creating one for my city. Sure ist a really small city but I think ist a cool idea….only problem is one) I do not speak very good German and two) my camera is Old School and I´m not yet ready to buy those great expensive ones seeing as photography isn´t my thing. Shocker!!

But who knows right? I just might pick up the trade!!!! Anything is possible….

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