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Good Things To Come…

Yesterday I went into Köln for eine Tasse Kaffee and had the plan to go with my camera. Like I said once, it’s not an eye popping beauty that captures the very essence of life(wait, what?) but it’s my bid to try photography. Who knows, I may be good at it.

Once I arrived the Bahnhof I realized I forgot it and then I was tempted to go back for it but then again remembered that I forgot to charge it. So no skills acquisition took place in Köln.

I did try to get a photo of the movie billboard at Ehrenfeld(check featured image) but because I had to zoom, it was a crap attempt. I couldn’t very well hang by the tracks for a better picture…which dangerous as it is, it does sound adventurous…a picture by the train tracks.

So, I just discovered a much better afro shop while in Ehrenfeld….note that when I say better I mean cheaper…it does cost me 10€ in train ride as opposed to 4€ to Sindorf but hey, it’s not a daily affair so it’s a win win.

Anyways I managed to stock up on Gorgeousness‘s favourite naija food, got a bag of crayfish which I found to be a whole lot cheaper than where I used to buy from, other spices, plantains(another fave), and a pack of short bread cookies of which I came upon a recipe and I’m inclined to try it.

I also got really tempted to buy afro kinky hair for my crochet trials but I had already spent more than I wanted….so enough lamenting to Gorgeousness should produce a pack or two!!

I looked at all the good hair products but surprisingly did not buy any. I want to start a no shampoo, no product care routine for the next one year and see how that goes. With this new regimen, I know I would have to school myself on certain must dos like wearing a scarf to bed.

Twas a minute to bedtime and I scrambled off the bed in search of my satin scarf, scolding myself about going bald if I sleep without it and Gorgeousness said to me: “For decades, women haven’t been wearing scarves daily to bed and they still have hair!!!”

Men, so intelligent, yet so clueless…

So on Tuesday 12th August (hope that’s right) I did my last shampoo washing and didn’t use any products at all. I asked him if it felt different as opposed to using products and he just shrugged which is a euphemism for no difference. See what I said? Clueless.

A group I’m a member of is starting the no products challenge in September and I guess it’s unfair of me to start now but I need to get used to the idea of no dudu osun, no oils, no ori, nothing and this is my way of slowly walking into that gypsy-like lifestyle come September 1.

Should be interesting though, but hey, before the discovery of shampoo it must have been just water abi?

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