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I Got Caught, Prodded And Zara Goofed!

So, it finally happened to me. Yes, I got fined for not stamping my 4 time ticket.

First of all, lemme just say it wasn’t entirely my fault. No really, it wasn’t. I’m heading home and didn’t think to search for where to stamp inside the U-Bahn(underground train). These trains can be so frigging claustrophobic so I hate it and never use them but sometimes, you can’t escape it and I never explored them to know where the validator was kept.

wpid-img_20140805_120928.jpgI had my 4 time ticket, one ride left and was going to stamp it before my next connection. Then this blondie came up and asked for tickets and I started explaining…..yup she wasn’t interested in my sorry assed excuse. Asked for my passport (errrm, lady, I do not walk around the city with my passport). I said I had no identification which had her bursting for a conniption(probably thought she had hit big by catching an illegal immigrant).

She calls her colleague who spoke better English and they explained that we had to head on to the police station to verify my residence status since I didn’t have my passport on me. So I’m all nice explaining and she’s not smiling at all and telling the other guy to stop explaining and drag me to the station so this is the point where I start to not be nice and told them I would throw a fit if I don’t get home. I’m boiling and want to yell at the blond hag but Gorgeousness who I called is telling me to calm down. It’s so hard to be calm with these people. I never get on the train without a ticket unless the machine is kaputt and then this one time, they don’t pardon me? Gosh I was mad as hell. At my obvious stupidity and at blond hag. Now I’m paying 40€ for a 5€ mistake.


So my point for this tale: never get on the train without validating your ticket or take a pic of the machine if its out of order and show the schaffner. The Germans ain’t playing with you….at all. They will not accept any “im a tourist” excuse. If you like, use the “me no speak German” excuse, that shit ain’t flying with them!!!

While we are on the subject of first time adventures(yes, I’m calling it an adventure), I went to the dentist today. I have never been to one before in all my life. Back home in naija, if I had a sore, oranges and those little white vitamin c tabs solved it. So long story short, doc said I was A-okay.

I felt like my mouth was being prodded(it actually was) and I’m not looking forward to the next appointment which thankfully is in a year. I’m actually shocked he didn’t find anything wrong with my teeth cos before I moved, I would always stuff my face with candy bars whenever I visited as we all know they can be frigging expensive in Nigeria. But now I live here, I don’t eat half as much as I used to. But hey, I’m glad!!!

Oh, oh, seems like Zara has committed a fashion crime. Yeah. Apparently, they released a new tshirt design with the words “white is the new black” black ink on a white background and the world has chewed their butts off for this.

The claim being 1)they do not speak english in Spain so the language barrier proves racial ignorance. 2) it’s a spoof or some sort of respect to the Orange Is The New Black series. 3) it’s a new line design with leopard is the new black design in the mix.

Now I do have to agree with some twitter comments where one said “how can you design this and not expect it to be seen as racial?” Another wrote exactly what I was thinking. “The person who approved the sales should be fired.”

Sure it’s probably nothing, but we live in a world where people are still sensitive about racism and with all the unnecessary killings of young black men, this shouldn’t be added in the mix.

Anything new happened to any one?

Enjoy the week


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