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I’ve never been one to mince words around people who make crap comments about women. It drives me mad and though I never use abusive words but I make certain you know your words upset me.

Now I’m no feminist ….at all. I believe men should open doors for women and all that jazz about respect. Yes I call it respect. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone. If you do not respect them, then any crap is possible.

My reason for saying this is I recently trailed this blog and there was a post about cheating. Now I respect everyone’s opinion, I just don’t have to agree with it.

I’m not apologising for my comment cos given the chance I will still say the same thing.

I’ve lived my whole life around people who believe men are more important than women and should be worshipped in whatever “healthy” form (whatever that means). When a man cheats, the woman gets blamed for it. When a couple can’t have kids, the woman gets the short end. Every negative thing that happens in a relationship is the woman’s fault.

The general disrespect of women in say a country like Nigeria just makes me so damn mad and its disgraceful when an educated person passes a rather idiotic comment regarding women.

So like I said, I do not regret my comment, however, I may have been too quick with it. So I do apologise to the blogger for seeming quarrelsome on her blog.

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