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Wochenende Blues

Ever wondered what your life would be like if you had chosen a different path? Two days ago, I did think that far but always came back to the centre and I keep telling myself that there isn´t any other path I could have chosen other than where I am right now. I love my life and I´m not giving it up for anything. Sure if I could turn back time, I will correct a lot of mistakes made in the past but then again, some mistakes make us who we are today right?

It is a new month today and a hope of better things to come. Do I have any plans for it? Well, today begins my first day in an integrated language class and while I´m a bit nervous aboout it, I rather get it over and done with so I can move on to other things like enrol for a sewing class because I find that I´m a bit impatient teaching myself to sew so hey maybe I need professional lessons. I´m too eager and find myself constantly trying to create loops and with self sew lessons, these loops don´t seem to work in my favour.

So what have I been up to the past days? I saw Expendables 3 and was highly and utterly disappointed. I was totally hyped about this movie and thought it would be the greatest installment of the series but my gawd, it was a massive failure for me. There was certainly no bloody need to introduce the younger team because there was nothing impressive about them….ok maybe the girl was a good slice …still, I hated it and wanted to scream in anger. Luckily, Banderas, Ford and Snipes made me finish it. And taking Crewes out of the Action(of which was so little) was just so bland. If I were to rate it, I will give it a 4 and that is mostly because of the three.

I also tried to see the movie Need For Speed and that one, I did not even go 30 mins before getting bored and switching off.

We checked out The Strain and while it may have started out boring with crappy acting, it kinda grows on you. But it is a bit like a bad Walking Dead before Zombies took over.

Meanwhile, I seem to be the last person to hear about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt´s wedding. Yup, they got hitched after nine years together. I always thought they wouldn´t bite but hey, they seem genuinely in love so yay for them.

We also read online that an experimental drug for Ebola was tested on animals and worked 100%. If this is true, then thank God. I was more than slightly upset when Prophet TB Joshua claimed his holy water could cure Ebola and the number of people buying into it was just so incredible.

I remember when that man began his prophetic ministries. It was a show on tv and I remember the tent built from straws and bamboo sticks and how people came out with “confessions” on how they tied their husbands´souls in an underworld type place. Even back then, I did not believe the stupidity of the whole crap and couldn´t understand how adults would sit and swallow everything he said or did. Fast forward ten years maybe more and he is the richest “man of God” in all of West Africa, with his congregation consisting mostly of Asians. He flies a private jet to Liberia to distribute his holy water cure….wow…I even feel totally stupid writing this crap.

Now I´m not making fun of him , but with all his riches and glory, why hasn´t he gotten into some kind of class or school to improve his speech? His PR Team needs to be fired. I heard him speak about his prophesy on the plane that crashed where he said he will inform the Asian authority thru the embassy to check their planes before take off. wow!!! double wow!!! People believe his shit?

Anyways, hey I´m not judging him…sideeyes.

Oh, my ever lovely sister got me this really cute dress made out of Ankara fabric and I totally love it. Will upload photos in a later post.

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