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Ich Spreche Nur Deutsch…. :)

So it’s been 4 days already and I must say I’m enjoying the lessons. My first day in class, I er…ehem…made a student cry.

Before you go all “showing my African self”, you should know it wasn’t intentional. She’s just extra sensitive and cried because I didn’t take her opinion into consideration. No she’s not a teenager….she’s about 40ish. Yeah, shocker that one was when she bent her head and began wiping away tears. No, she doesn’t like me and goes out of her way to ignore me which I’m ok with.

Other than that little drama on Day 1, it’s really not bad. Meine Lehrerin ist sehr nett. Sie kommt aus Russland und sie spricht drei Sprachen. Yeah I’m getting totally good and we are now speaking a bit more Deutsch at home which is supposed to help a whole lot. I’m still not open to watching tv in Deutsch just yet.

The class should go on for 6 weeks more or less and I don’t know if I will register for the next module. But hey, it’s one day at a time abi?

So yeah, I’m enjoying the experience of learning a new language and the diversity in the classroom is ofcourse amazing.

I popped into the class so late (pls do not ask y….) and my ‘Fro was the first thing that got shoved into their faces!

I’m currently on the water only wash regimen so I always have to style my hair daily and I must say it’s driving me insane. I can’t handle the loss I get from manipulation because I’ve never had to do the styling bit daily. I usually style weekly when I have no extensions added.

So this weekend I’m getting extensions installed. I’m thinking afro kinky braids or maybe crochet braids. Don’t know yet. Whatever I decide, I can definitely handle.

Learning something new? Dish!!!

Genißen dein Tag…


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