Herbst Makes Me Happy!

It’s the perfect weather this autumn and what to do? Shoe shopping.

I popped into Köln on Friday and dived head on into Deichman.

I was looking for shoes that weren’t too feminine but not gothic at all. I totally love Deichman. Don’t get me wrong, they do sell crap shoes sometimes….I got a pair of knee highs that didn’t last the whole winter….no I didnt wear them everyday…I think. Anyways I had three options and looooved them all but I was in there for just a pair…no way was I leaving with two. So serious unbiased screening began!!!



This one I really liked but the heel just isn’t me. My steps are enforced at my heel so this will so not work. It was tough letting it go as I think it’s totally my style but the heel just isn’t going to work out for me. The fabric too was a bit worrisome as I’m quite careless.

This one I totally dig but…yeah there’s a but…wasn’t high enough for me and I’m not big on suede fabric shoes. I got a pair of really cute winter knee highs from Shoe Fashionista and the suede killed it.





Not sure why I didn’t get this pair really. It’s totally moi. It’s black with studded buckle, what’s not to like err? wpid-img_20140905_170353.jpg

Yup, I settled for this pair and seriuosly love it. I think they cost about 29.99 which I think is fairly decent. It’s a Graceland product and I hope it does better than my last pair from same shop. Told Gorgeousness I won’t be buying any more shoes this year again…nah, he didn’t believe me. Yeah that’s subject to change. Lol.

Oh by the way. C und A is doing great sales on mens clothing. We got two really cool pairs of denim for 12€each. Business shirts and pants on great bargains too. So head on down there if there’s a store near you. I think it’s a short sale.

Any shoe addicts out there?

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