Germany Hair

All Roads Nach Bonn!!!!

It’s no news that I’m extremely “my hair” crazy. It has been three weeks I began the wash only routine and I must say I’m liking it a lot.

I did experience a tiny bit of shedding during my daily scalp massages and the medium twists I usually have on for daily water wash was always coming undone. Yeah always drove me nuts with tangling!!

wpid-img-20140911-wa0011.jpgAnyways I got kinky extensions installed and the plan is to water wash every week, daily moisture sprays and massages of course. Yep, did it myself. 10 great hours but end result totally amazing.

So the point of this short post is to pass along an invite to anyone living in/around Bonn for the hair show which will be on the 20th (next Saturday).
I’ve never gone for a hair show but I have been to Bonn and it is a totally cool place. I did experience my first racism there tho. Sigh.

Anyways, get on there if you can…it does sound like fun.
Details in photo.



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