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Breathless And A Whole Lot Of Ankara

Man! Learning Deutsch is so much work! Good lawd! Masculine and feminine words and using them in the proper order is just soooooooooo much utom!!

But I have to admit that I am really loving the idea of speaking another language besides English. One exercise involved writing parts of the body in our mother language. Now English is the general language in Nigeria but we also have tons of other languages even I do not know how many….probably over 200.

So I tried to write body parts in igbo but failed so badly and just switched to English. The ones I knew, I left in igbo:

Mouth: onu, Nose: imi, Bottom: otula, Eyes: anya, Head: isi, Hand: aka, Leg: ukpu , Teeth: eze, Belly: afor, Neck: olu, Ear: ola

That’s about all I know….sad really. I hope I can get our kids speaking at least one Nigerian language. Where’s a Duolingo app for Igbo when you badly need one right?

Anyways, aside language school, I’ve been totally busy completing an order for a client. She didn’t say what exactly she wanted, just that she loves bows and bright colors so I took reign! (Pictures at the end of this post).

I was totally excited making all I did and it reminded me how much I miss using my hands. After my course, I will definitely whip out my sewing machine and start practicing. I always wanted to have a cloth line for kids ever since I fell in love with hand made but I need at least a B2 level in Deutsch to attend a design school and I’m fairly certain I won’t have the patience to apply for B2. I plan to end at A2 and just pick up the rest along the way. But hey, it’s one day at a time right?

Speaking of learning, I took my first swimming lesson yesterday and had a serious panic attack the moment I stepped into the pool and stood on tip toes for close to an hour. My heart beat was racing and I couldn’t breathe and held on so tight to Gorgeousness who is a mean teacher by the way. Was totally stingy with his hands and wouldn’t let me hold on to him after a while which wasn’t so bad after all. I did however enjoy going under water and twirling around. With my nose closed of course. It will take me a few more weeks to learn going underwater without holding my nose closed. So yay to my first lesson.

Gorgeousness is such an amazing swimmer and when I wasn’t fretting with all that water around me, I was having the hots for him. 🙂

Anyways, Einen schönen Tag !


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  • Learning how to swim with hubby as the tutor, that should be fun joor! The bows are so cute babes. You are really good at this.

    • Are kidding?! Its total fun, lots of naughty PDAs. Yeah I like the bows too. Thank you.

  • i love the bows too. and the combs are really cute!!!

  • Ola

    I like the designs so pretty especially the yellow one with stars that shaped like a flower, and you and gorgeousness sounded like you were enjoy your swimming lessons, am glad he’s helping you out lol. Next year am planning on learning another language as well can’t wait.

    • Thank you!!
      Oh yeah swimming with Gorgeousness is so much fun and we will be doing it again this weekend!!

    • Oh wow! Really? That’s totally cool. I think I if given the chance, I will not bother with learning Deutsch. I’m very fine with English!! All the best.

    • Oh I totally forgot to tell you. I tried out the knee high socks thing to school and it wasn’t so bad!! Sadly no one to take photos but I will def be doing it again before full blown winter hits!

      • Ola

        I really wish I could help I remember when I was in the same predicament so I know how you feel 🙁 Am also going to try it to uni and see how it goes.

        • Haha yes!! Well, I’ll be looking fwd to the post!!

  • I likeee the bows! You are talented!
    Language? HUMPH! You try sef! ..ahaha.
    Swimming lessons? It ought to be fun with oga nau? *wink*

    • Thank you so much! Serious fun!!!! I’m enjoying the lessons a whole lot more than I thought!!

  • I feel like swapping lives with you for a month! You are having fun! I learnt French some years back and scored above 80 in the international French exam-can’t even remember the name. Travelled to Togo and Benin Rep to experience the culture-didn’t have money for Paris, but I have totally forgotten the language now-lack of practice.
    Pls remove you hand from your nose the next time you go under water, water won’t get into your nostrils and choke you as long as you don’t breathe in. Uniquely different with Fredilia

    • Haha….ah yes i totally love my life!!!! Thank you.
      Yes i agree that not speaking regularly can make you forget. So we are speaking more Deutsch at home….gradually hehe
      Oh well i still haven’t learned the process of not breathing under water lol. Still a work in progress. Thank you

  • sogie

    I only speak one language which I know is poor but I’m just too lazy to start learning another one .swiming with gorgeousness, are u sure u are focused?? Lol
    The bows are lovely

    • My Igbo is sooooooooo poor and my Ibibio is totally nonexistent so don’t feel bad!!
      Swimming with him is totally distracting but isn’t that the fun part??!! Lol
      Thank you.

  • baron

    Leg is Ukwu and Ear is Nti. Ola is Jewellry. I did German in my 1st nd 2nd semester in school, thought it was cool.

    • Haha thank you. It sure is totally cool baron. I agree. Just gets so bloody annoying when I miss the right word order.

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