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Sassy Saturday, A Huge Slice Of Euroblast Rolled Into Oktoberfest

[dropcap style=”dark”]I[/dropcap] am extremely tickled about my swimming lessons…which I find really odd because my fear for the whole sea thing and drowning is enough to stop my heart.

Today’s lesson was about moving my legs and arms to hold myself in the pool…yeah that wasn’t cakes and velvet cone ice cream at all, I still loose my breath when I walk into the pool tho but hey, one day at a time right?

My blog server has been cranking up for days, but it’s all peachy now. I’ve missed going to my two fave blogs and I’m certain a ton has been uploaded. Tuke seems to be quite a regular and my rusty old self is finding it hard to keep up. Ola is keeping to her words and blogging more these days…thank the Lord. Then there is New Dawn. Her posts are so funny and gives you a good feeling of an adult version of Tales By Moonlight. And she gives such great tips on motherhood.

I promised to do a review on a product I got from Rossman and I will. I just need to get some pictures for the post so I’m not going to gush on about it here. A lot of gushing coming soon lol.

Anyways, it’s Oktoberfest in a few days and it would be fun to really see how it’s celebrated. I’ve never cared much about really and sadly, it’s more of a big deal in Bavaria tho so I’m not expecting to blog about it. 🙁

And the Euroblast rock concert starts same weekend too and we are planning to go for one show. I’ve never been to a concert. Hell, I’ve never been to any concert. I’m not big on crowd and sweat but I just have to go for this one. It’s not mainstream, more an indie type thing and I have never ever heard of any of the bands performing. So no it won’t be The Killers, Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine or Alice In Chains….hell, I won’t be seeing Iron Maiden but that’s ok. It sounds like good fun and I will probably get to meet some of them backstage since a great friend of Gorgeousness is in on the organising team.

Ok, time to tackle Hausaufgaben. Below are photos of two or three accessories I’ve made. I was looking thru my albums and remembered the first sets I made and fell in love all over again and making that order for my client got me all tickled. The web shop will be up soon too and I never realized how stressful it is creating one. Thank God for Gorgeousness !

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