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Johnny Cash Für Sieben Euro!!!

[dropcap style=”dark”]S[/dropcap]o 1st October fell on a weekday….yes I was really upset about that. We however did go Nigerian with our weekend. We attended a Nigerian church and had Gorgeousness’s fave for lunch….egusi. Dinner was going to be my all-time fave…beans. But we were still stuffed from lunch and just had yogurt. I however got really lazy and could not make chinchin for snacking. Next week maybe.

We did end up going for the concert even though I was certain we will not make it. But we did….after getting lost and riding the wrong train. Jens had free tickets for us and I really did enjoy it. My ears are still ringing though so will be getting ear plugs next time. It was a bit tough getting pics of the fashionistas so no cool rock gears and all in the photos I managed to get. Hopefully next year I can do a better post on it.

(photos at the end of the post)

I was supposed to launch the craft website this past weekend as well, but I’m still having a bit of major doubt about starting a website just yet. Gorgeousness has been working so hard on it and it seems so unfair to just up and kill the site but I’m really skeptic especially as I’m yet to build a client base.

Speaking of, my client received her order in just six days and I’m totally impressed with the Deutsche Post. I expected it to arrive in 2 weeks!!!! Anyways she totally loves her order and that makes me really happy!!! Nothing beats a satisfied client!!!!

So I will need to make up my mind about the whole website thing.

Anyways, on brighter news, I had Gorgeousness take a few photos of the city of Wien. He was there on a job and scored me some really cool photos which I have added at the end of the post as well. I hope I get to visit some day.

Wien (Vienna) is the capital of Össtereich(Austria). I had no idea until a few months ago that it is a Deutsch speaking city. Apparently it’s known as “the city of dreams” and the “city of music”. I Googled it and one interesting fact is that the city attracts about five million tourists a year. That is amazing!! Ever had Apfelstrudel and Wiener Schnitzel?

Genieße deinen Tag.

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