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[dropcap style=”dark”]I[/dropcap] have been on a short school break…well 2 weeks actually and boy have I been so bloody lazy about studying. I´ve got three tests coming up so hey….Although I´m not that petrified about writing the tests. The past tests we have written have been great and I do believe I´m getting really good.

The past week I got tagged by New Dawn and recieved a blog Award Nomination from Sogie and I am quite excited about it. Been seeing it around but never got one so yay!!! Will def get on them. Today I will be sharing a really fun way to make pasta. I first saw the recipe on a website run by a couple. I don´t remember the name of their blog. I was just too excited to try it that I forgot to save the page.

Anyways, will add my poor attempt at photography and hope you see them.

So basically, all you need for this recipe;

So depending on how much pasta you want to make, you just wing your measuerment. Ja ja ja I know the best cooks in the Universe will argue that you never wing measurement but hey, winging works just fine for me. Hmmm except where salt is concerned!!! So I added various vantage points of one photo so you see all I used. Half a bag of pasta, left over chicken stock, blended peppers in the jar, salt, garlic, a jar of sausages, olive oil and blended tomatoes(store brand). You can add whatever spices you like….as I said, wing it man!!!

So let´s get this road on the show!!! Hehe you know what I mean!


So onions sliced up. The original recipe used frozen onions…mehhhhh I like fresh onions thank you!!!


Then I sliced up the sausages. Yeah, Germany has the best sausages ever!!!! They are like the world Champion for sausages!!! No seriously they are.


Ok so as usual na!!! Onions go into the hot oil. Now I´m a very lazy cook and remember what I said about winging? If I were to start a Food Blog, I would def not make it thru to day two at all. However, I´m a huge foodie and would eat whatever looks nice to my pretty eyes. I´m not adventurous tho and let´s not go into traditional German/Austrian cooking because I cannot handle a lot of their food.


So I may not be following the recipe completely but hey, everything does get to go in right? I like my sausages to fry a bit longer so I would add it just a few secs after the onion bits.


Now here, I forgot to add in the stock so imagine my panic. Not that the meal won´t cook without it, sure it would. It just tastes so much better. This was the part I found odd at first but it turned out really amazing. Usually we would boil our pasta for a few minutes and sieve out the water right? Well here, you add in your raw pasta, then in goes the blended tomatoes. I´m so used to saying Tomaten passiert that I kind of forgot what the Englisch word for it is….

The pasta is basically cooking in tomato juice. You can add water if it is still hard…but not too much. Add in all your spices along with the tomato passiert as well and just let it cook. Low heat of course so it doesn´t burn. You would be better off using a non stick pan by the way!!

So there you go!!! The most amazing way to make pasta!!! You can add in whatever else you like….remember, wing it!!!


An old trial. I added in green Paprika and it was veeerrry tasty!!!!

What´s on your menu tonight?

Guten Abend

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