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When Life Deals You Lemons And You Toss Them Out

[dropcap style=”dark”]G[/dropcap]uten morgen folks!

It’s Saturday but no swimming lessons today as Gorgeousness is down with the schnupfen. So much final studying to do this weekend seeing as the next few days would be filled with speech, writing and hearing tests in VHS. I do have all 12 chapters down part tho…..yeah I’m that confident. No way am I sitting for a test with fear. Nah ah.

Anyways, I talked about being nominated for the sisterhood award and will get on it now.

I have seen it around and always thought it was cool. I’m so not into flowers but there’s usually something really cool about flowers and denim. Please don’t ask me what….just always looked cool. Thank you Ike Chioma and Sogie



It does come with rules….shocker!

1) Show gratitude to the blogger who nominated you not forgetting to link back. (I was a happy chap when Gorgeousness taught me how to add links).

2) Display the award logo.

3) Set questions for your nominees

4) Of course, nominate 10 bloggers

Ike Chioma’s question: If you were your mother, what advice would you give yourself based on the things happening in your life?

Well, here’s the thing about my mum….she means well of course duh but her method of approach just turns you into a rebel. She truly has the best intentions and if you look beyond her negative words, you would see the truth hidden in plain sight.

If I were my mum, I would use less negativity to convince me really well regarding school. After secondary school, all I ever wanted to do was build things. I had this huge imagination involving art in all its glory. The problem was I hated science. Ironically i excelled in it when I had no choice….this one time in SS1, we were given a physics classwork and everyone paired up to solve it. No one wanted to pair with the class bottom(yup, that’s what I was) so out of self pity for myself, I sat alone in a corner and tackled it the best way I could. When results were released, everyone scored less than 2%. I was so afraid to look at mine even though I figured 1% isn’t better than 0 I was expecting. Guess what, I got a score of 100% for my effort.

Sadly, I somehow didn’t see the joy in that cos I just couldn’t fall in love with science at all and well, my artistic dream died a slow and painful death. I do wish I had done things differently and pursued my belief in myself.

Who knows, maybe I would not have met Gorgeousness (shudders) and could have ended up in some crap assed relationship. However, I do believe in fate and the whole being with who you are supposed to be with crap cos right now, I cannot imagine my life without him. He brings out the best in me….

So, my advice to myself if I were mum? Believe in yourself, don’t be afraid of failure. You can do whatever you want if you believe in yourself. It sounds very easy saying it yes but isn’t that how it should be?

Sogie ‘s question: What’s your dream and vision in life? *Not what your parents want for you or because of where you are now, what’s your dream? Nothing is too childish, everything is possible.

Well, judging from Chioma’s question, it’s easy to answer this! I wanted to build what I draw. I was obsessed with drawing as a teenager and Architecture class was really exciting for me. I would compare Fine Arts class with it and imagine building with my hands what I drew on paper. I was the happiest I ever was in these classes but like I said above, I didn’t believe in myself strongly enough to turn it into reality. I basically burned through university without a single thought. So when I dropped out cos I felt so overwhelmed by my failure, it seemed very right. All I wanted was to move back to Chicago and pick up the gold bars littered on the streets cos in my ignorance, anywhere was better than where I was. Then my sister and friend both talked me into finishing school. I’m glad I listened to them cos I returned with a bang and became the second best student in my department. However, it wasn’t the way I wanted to go…..raise farm animals and and grow crops….but I still excelled with what I had. Imagine if I had been this good from the start, first class graduate of Animal Production, gone on to being a professor and maybe even teaching(my second dream)

I have a lot to be thankful for and right now I love myself, I love my life.

So as you noticed, the rules changed and people basically ask one question and I seriously doubt I can easily come up with 10 questions. So let’s stick with one.

Ola , New Dawn , Linda

Olufunmi , Amaka

I have nominated bloggers in the past and they don’t seem to be interested in the whole award thing. Me, I think it’s fun and a great way to meet other bloggers, interact, share tips and tricks…the whole nine yards of networking. So if you guys haven’t done this before, would be cool to read your posts on it.

Here’s my one question: Have you ever been in a situation you couldn’t control? How did you get out of it? If you were in a situation you couldn’t control, how would you handle it? Ofcourse, the odds were/are definitely against you.

That’s it for today folks. It’s a sunny and very windy day here but we are holed up with a new episode of The Strain and recaps of Supernatural.…gotta love Dean Winchester!

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