KörperÖl Review (Rossman)

[dropcap style=”dark”]G[/dropcap]uten morgen folks….

Winter is slowly arriving and I’m totally excited seeing as its my fave season. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer too but I’m just a winter gal thru and thru. Surprisingly, it’s not so cold this Herbst and I actually went to school without a jacket yesterday.

Speaking of school, we had the test and man it was amazing. I got a great score of 33/35 so I’m def looking fwd to the main Prüfung and totally excited about getting my work permit when I’m all done with A2 german.


wpid-pears-baby-oil-225ml-276x287.jpg.jpegAnyways, today’s post is about an amazing product I discovered in my neighborhood Rossman. I started using baby oil religiously in 2000 I think…not certain….after I realized lotion of any kind gave my skin a not so good look. I would spend my savings buying Johnson’s Baby Oil until I figured the Nigerian Pears Baby brand did the same job. I was a student and needed to save every kobo I had. So after graduating, Pears just stuck. It is slightly thicker than the Johnson’s brand and less in quantity but hey, a little goes a long way…literally. Image gotten here


Two years ago, I switched to using SheaButter and I tell you, that crap is holy smokes amazing on the skin. The smell can be a tad bit too much so most people just whip it and add a fragrance oil which helps.

Anyways, moving to Germany, I started using local brands and stuck with Bübchen cos it’s a lot like Pears. My skin doesn’t dry out and I don’t need a touch up like I would with lotion. The only annoying thing is it can get pretty messy so I’m constantly wiping it clean after use so it doesn’t leave oily patches wherever i display it.



Now this particular brand from Rossman is a fave cos it’s got an amazing fragrance which most oils never have. I saw three different bottles: Argan/Cranberry, Jojoba/Sheabutter, Sesame/Vanilla-Extract.

wpid-img-20141011-wa0005.jpgI got the Argan and Cranberry which smelled totally amazing and I didn’t even need to use perfume. Hey I love perfumes a whole lot but like to smell just one

way and would never understand people that pile on different brands of perfumes on their body. I remember watching a red carpet series where Nollywood stars were being questioned about who/what they were wearing for the event. I specifically remember Genevieve Nnaji saying she sprayed on five different bottles of perfume. Yup, my gob was smacked with that one.

Anyways….not to go off on atangent here…the cranberry bit was a lot stronger than the argan but I really loved it. Gorgeousness just had to take a nip off my skin. Yes, it was that good!!! I’ve never heard of WB until I saw the bottle and apparently they have other products. I’m def going to try their other products and it makes a great gift too. The other thing I loved was the spray method. Will def recycle the bottle for my hair oils when I’m done with my no-poo challenge.



It was amazing on my skin and I didn’t experience dryness at

all. The whole day!! You know that feeling you get with say Vaseline that seems like all the dirt outside is on you? Well not with this. Smooth I tell you, smooth.

Sadly tho, it’s a 150ml bottle which lasted about 7 days for me. It cost apprx 5euros a bottle and used up in 7 days would see me spending 5e every week for a new bottle and as thrifty as I am, that won’t work at all so it’s back to Bübchen which costs a little over 2euros and lasts me 4 weeks tops.

Overall verdict? I love love love this product and will def buy it again when I’m feeling less thrifty.

So if you are into good smelling body oils, head on down to Rossman for a bottle or two…you mos def will not regret spending that 5euro.

Einen schönen Tag noch!

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