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Do Bad Things Happen In Twos??

[dropcap style=”dark”]G[/dropcap]uten morgen folks…

It’s been a crazy week, me getting the schnupfen, my throat feeling like someone is scratching it from the inside, my head spinning each time I cough, long restless nights and let’s not even discuss meine Nase.

We had the Mündlich test and while I believe I did well, I made two silly mistakes! I somehow forget how to say 1980 in German. There I was confidently saying : neunzehntausendachtzig and they kept telling me no that’s not right and I’m thinking they are wrong. Then I get corrected. Neunzehnhundertachtzig. Yup, I could have hit my head against the wall. I guess I had a tiny bit of angst, being the first person to be questioned in my group and all.

My second mistake was when asked to spell my first name. Now I always get confused about vorname and nachname. I used to think they were the same cos I’m more used to name rather than vorname. So I spell the first letter of my second name and the Lehrer is shaking his head. So I quickly switch to spelling my first name.

All in all, I will say it was great. Now 2 seems to be my unlucky number cos I’ve always been getting 2 questions out of the lot wrong. We had another practice test and I scored 13/15…again with the two. Like my sis says, be grateful it’s only 2 you get wrong. So yes I totally am!!! Each module costs 220 euros so I better make every cent count!!!!

So anyways, last weekend I decided to try making a friend’s 8 year old daughter’s hair. That was such a task. She’s got really long hair, tangled worse than you can imagine and such curly edges. Now the fun part was deciding what to make. I considered shuku with bangs infront and twisted ends but I just wasnt working the twists into her hair. So ended up with the ‘clap‘ style and bangs in front with regular braids. She was such a perfect client…didn’t grumble too much when I was detangling. I kept her busy with farm heroes and candy crush. When she got bored with loosing, we ended up watching a german subtitled baby looney tunes. Trust me, as a beginner, best way to learn deutsch is kids tv programs!!!!


I’ve never gotten anyone’s hair done except mine and needed the challenge so she was just perfect. I sneakily added a cute bow from my work so her mum pays when she sees how much her kid loved the bow…..yeah, sneaky. Cutie refused to take it off until bedtime with a promise to let her wear it the next day.

Anyways, mum was impressed with my effort and today I’m going over to get braids done for her. I’m excited about an adult challenge and I do know it would be a huge one cos said mum is kinky haired with lost edges. I tried convincing her to do shorter styles but noooooo, she loves her long braids. I’ve never done braids perfectly so I’m thinking to get crochet twists for her instead. It’s easy on the edges and less stressful on the scalp.

So wish me luck!!!!

Speaking of hair, I ended my water only wash today. Took down my kinky extensions and applied my jojoba, castor and olive oil mix to my hair and ends. In a week I whip out my dudu osun shampoo for some hair spa according to Kandi.

It’s been two months I haven’t used any product and I did learn a lot regarding my hair. I will def build a routine soon that involvees not using products 6 months in a year. I retained quite a good amout of length, my always dry hair stayed moisturized for a full day. It was amazing. Will make a separate post about this next week.

I would also love to know how you care for your hair!!!!

Einen schönen Wochenende!!!!

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