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It’s been a really good month and sad as I am to see it end, I’m glad to move into November.

Today’s post is all about my new care routine. I joined a hair group on Facebook and someone suggested we try washing our hair with only water for a month. No products at all, just water every day.

I was totally down with the challenge and began middle of August. I washed my hair with my fave dudu osun shampoo then just let it air dry before twisting.

I had heard about it online but never thought to try it until she suggested we do.

So basically, the method involves twisting your hair mini size. Then washing everyday with water by massaging and gently scratching your scalp, using your hands to smooth down the running water along your strands- back and front. This should be done everyday until however long it takes your sebum to reach maximum coverage.

Now my ish with this was I just didn’t seem to get the right size for my twist. They always came undone after every wash and I found myself retwisting which for me killed the purpose of low manipulation.

So what did I do? I installed mini sized kinky twists. This particular extension is light weight even with water, dries well while letting your hair soak in the water which was just too good for me. So every two days I was washing with warm water, tied it up in a simple bun then wrapped a towel around it without rubbing.

Then my swimming lessons began and knowing the story behind chlorine and hair, I panicked. None of the sites encouraging water only talked about swimming. So with a few tips from Gorgeousness, I settled for washing with hot water a day before swimming, few hours before swimming and after swimming. I would concentrate on letting water surround my strands until the chlorine smell was gone.

Anyways, my verdict for this method? Amazing. And I will definitely try it again. I learned quite a bit especially as I lived thru four and a half years with dry hair. Yes, I would wash my hair and use a dryer, I would panic if water touched my hair and I combed it regardless of the pain. I have this odd growth pattern which totally drove me mad back then. I would cut my hair every time I noticed my front was longer. Imagine the length I could have retained abi?

It’s barely a year I began growing out my hair and aiming for health and it’s been totally great. I braid my hair myself by the way and get better with every attempt.

So for the eight to ten weeks of the trial period, I had on kinky twist four weeks apart. I washed every day for six weeks then every two days after that. I massaged regularly as well. Now I didn’t follow all the golden rules I read about cos truth be told I’m downright lazy when it comes to my hair but what I did worked fine. My hair was moisturized daily and I wasn’t manipulating at all. I retained length and my hair color seemed to be darker…..or I’m just imagining.

All in all, it was great and I’ve decided I won’t be piling on the products anymore. Will be sticking to regular oils….olive, and castor. I want to try peppermint oil tho so once I’m done with my bottle of jojoba, I get peppermint oil. I have no idea where to get pure shea butter here so will be sticking to a product I saw in dm, avocado butter I think it was. It’s said to work both as a deep conditioner and a leave in. I will be trying it out.

Like I said, this method was great, my hair loved it and it was super easy to handle. In two weeks I will be doing a deep condtioning treatment and then installing yarn that should last about three weeks.

Ja, its obvious, ich liebe mein haar!!!! Gorgeousness whines when I don’t let the afro out….sweetness, I need to protect this kinky goodness…sometimes. Haha

Bold enough to try this method? Any strange method you have tried with your hair? Dish!!

Oh guess what???? I got the most amazing review here from Ike Chioma. I was totally honored to read that post. I’m mostly on there reading her posts and commenting on issues she tackles that I can relate to. She’s super cute and makes short hair look fly. Let’s not even discuss her hot bod. Hour glass ppl, hour glass…

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  • Aaawww thanks babe, that’s. So nice of you to mention me. For the past two months or so I have washed my teeny fro with only water everyday. I got the info from curlysistas, even though I deep condition everytime I wash, it has helped my overly strong hair to soften a lot. Mehhnn! Your hair looks so good on the 2months after picture, when will mine grow to that length? How you are good babe?

    • No no, thank you!!! I got quite a bit of traffic after your post so thank you thank you!!!
      Oh you make me want to cut my hair off. The ease and confidence you exude is just amazing! With the way you are caring for it, it would def grow! No magic…well water can be the magic hehe.
      I’m doing very well thank you for asking!

  • New dawn

    Your hair is simply gorgeous! ..oh! How I wish…..#staring at your pic with admiration# ..am going do all these routine with my gals…..their hair is in twist…I would tell them to wash it like that this weekend without losing it….I would monitor their progress. Happy new month!

    • Aww, thank you so much! Oh yes washing your twisted hair is one of the best ways to handle natural hair. Keep me posted!!! Happy new month to you too!! Any drama from our walking baby?!

  • Hey Ediyemade,

    That was a really informative post. Congratulations on your hair growth and health! By the way I have responded to your tag! Check it out on the blog when you can! 🙂 http://theunspokenwords93.blogspot.co.uk

    • Thank you. Glad you did. Will check it out now!!

  • Your hair is beautiful….can I have 2 inches of your hair? Pleaseee…hehehe..I should try the water wash only challenge. Thanks mami

    • Thank you. Its funny you ask. Just yesterday i made up my mind to cut off my hair or texlax. Long story…..but tomorrow im doing my first dc since 2 months then i will have braids installed to squash temptations.
      Anyways, try the water thing if you can, its totally great.

  • Ola

    I still deal with dry hair problems so would definitely want to try this or something similar. I think you’ve written a post about it already so I’ll check that instead. lool at the kinky goodness.
    I haven’t tried anything but am up for any challenge I think I’ll look for a natural hair group on Facebook as well to get me started.
    I read your review it was lovely, your hair is so long I did my big chop again after about 3years of being natural and am loving short hair but your growth look awesome. x

    • Yeah the water only helped me battle dryness which I think is a huge problem if you have low porosity hair. The extensions helped a lot cos I would wash morning and by 6pm hair was still moisturised. I loved it.

    • Now I’m back to regular routine but with a new twist Lol. I’m happy with my length too. You hear ppl saying oh growth is only possible if u have good genes.. Hogwash I tell you Lol.
      Another big chop? Wow. All that hair? Well short hair can be sooooooooo cool.
      Thank you! Try it any way you can and dish on your experience!

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