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Costumes And The Köln Zentrum

[dropcap style=”dark”]I[/dropcap]t’s November!!!!!!! Christmas approaches yay and it better snow this year! Not that I will go making snow men or tossing snow balls….hmmm snow ball tossing sounds fun….if I had the perfect Uggs.

So I got my test results and I did super good!!!! 90% is no joke seeing as I was expecting 65%. So onto the next module!!!! It began yesterday and was slightly schwer for me and I keep on getting half my answers wrong which totally upsets me. But hey, I will def be doing better.

I met a girl who has been in Germany same time as I have and she speaks amazing german. She’s from Congo, speaks no English and told me the fastest way to learn is to stop speaking English with Gorgeousness. So starting three days ago and for the next 10 days, we will be trying the nur deutsch method to see how that goes. I was totally miffed hearing her speak and she laughed so hard at my expression. So yes I got inspired by a total stranger to improve my deutsch.

I am trying really and must say I’m doing very good. Although we did have a test yesterday which I found a tad bit schwer… So let’s see the result next week. I’m thinking 50%…yeah I wasn’t entirely confident especially as I just flipped thru my text book during study time.

So it’s the Karneval season soon and driving into Koln, you see a ton of costumes that are just so so amazing. From Top Gun pilots to Khaleesi and Drogo, Woody and his gang, guys dressed up as fairies and princesses. Flight attendants, Lara croft…I def want a complete Croft costume!

You see Japanese warriors and Confederate soldiers to bananas and gladiators and yes, someone dressed up as a box of pommes. It’s amazing and I’m always in awe of it all. I mean even in the freaking cold, they would wear short tutus and glittering skirts, with no bloody Strumpfhose.

I hope I can score some pics soon if I do manage to get into the city. It can get really busy during the karneval and you basically have to push to get through. School is getting tough too so no more page flipping. I actually have to study.

And with winter coming, I need to get my protective styling game on. I’m thinking jumbo twists with wool/yarn. I have used wool like three times and I loved the results so will def be doing it again.

It’s the weekend soon!!! What plans do you have cooking?

Einen schönen Wochenende

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