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Its been a slightly cold November and I have had to get myself a Daunen jacket which by the way was such a task looking for the perfect one. I wanted one from Zara but cost way above what I could afford. I tried Primark and hated everything I saw there even though the prices were perfect. I ended up ordering online with Pimkie.

School yes is doing good too. Seems like we will not be having a major test seeing as a1 and 2 are almost alike but we do write surprise tests and get loads of hausaufgaben which is cool and our nur deutsch at home is going good…..I think.


So, I got a sunflower nomination from Chioma and was pretty excited about it. She’s a very cheeky blogger and would write about anything from fashion to real life adventures. She did a post here about her fave blogs and I got quite a bit of traffic that week from it and was really amazing.

So as clichéd as this sounds, it does have its own rules too.

1) share 11 facts about yourself

2) answer questions set by the blogger who nominated you

2) nominate 11 bloggers

4) set 7 questions for your nominees.

Well as you can see, it’s almost the same thing with the other awards shared but like I always say, its fun, interactive and a great way to network.

So here are Chioma’s questions:

Harry Potter Or Twilight?

This is a no brainer. Harry Potter is a classic naaaaaaaaaa. I did however enjoy the Twilight books a lot more than the films and I kind of found Jacob’s character a bit whiny. The part about imprinting on Edward’s daughter tho…that was a good twist. But it’s Hogwarts for me any day.

If You Had One Wish, What Would You Wish For?

Two sets of twins.

A Must Accessory To Leave The House With.

Hmmm, never really thought about this one quite frankly. As a teenager I was empty without a bloody massive wrist watch but now I hardly ever wear them and get an itchy wrist when I do. So I would safely say I have no must haves. Ear rings maybe?

Did You Read The Course Of Your Dream?

No I did not. However, in my final year, I started enjoying what I was majoring in and used to dream of owning a ranch complete with an orchard.

Plans Or Spontaneous?

I can be very spontaneous and can also be very planned. So I would say somewhere in the middle.

Best Thing That Has Happened Since You Started Blogging.

Hmmm, can’t really say anything grand has happened exactly but I have gotten to meet some really amazing people, albeit online.

Wealth Or Good Name?


So that’s it. I have done a post here where I shared some facts about myself so I won’t be doing that here.

I still don’t know that many bloggers yet and I’m certain a lot of bloggers have done this already but I would still want to tag New Dawn who by the way has changed her name to nitty gritty. I love love love her family oriented posts and she seems so down to earth its incredible.

Ola….yes I’m partial to Ola. Lol. She’s an amazing writer and I’m looking forward to reading a book she writes.

Then there is Clara. This gal makes u believe in dreams mehn. She’s a go getter and very lively too. I totally dig her free spirit.

So my questions are :

1) is there any friend you haven’t spoken to in donkey years? Would you ring them if given the chance.

2) what’s your thought on the Bill Cosby rape news

3) bookstore or library

4) fix it or get a replacement?

5) damsel in distress or wonder woman?

Only 5 questions yes but hey, whoever said you can’t bend the rules sometimes.

So that’s all folks…oh I installed instagram so follow on there to see the pretties I make when orders come in. I will be doing a give away on combs, rosettes and bows so keep your eyes open for that. Whoever says you can’t rock prints all year round?

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