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Ist Weihnachten Schon Da?

[dropcap style=”dark”]G[/dropcap]uten Abend Folks

My weeks have been filled up with regular German now more than ever. I seem to be getting into real life situations where my knowledge in german gets tested and I´m proud to announce I´m totally aceing hahah!!! The Christmas cheer is seriously spreading well and ist amazing how one holiday can bring folks together. Of course the Americans are saying Happy Holidays which I read somewhere is for non Christians. That´s soooooo idiotic. When Moslems or any other religion have a holiday, everyone celebrates it naturally without trying to change the traditional saying. If saying merry christmas is against your beliefs can you please not say it? What ever the reason for happy holidays is their own problem mehn!!! Not that happy holidays doesn´t sound nice but that´s not the point.

Anyways, let´s not go into the ignorance of religion just now…that´s a loosing battle indeed.

I have a sort of blogger meet up with one of the best bloggers I know and guys, if you haven´t visited her blog, you better head on down there fast!!! She is incredibly brilliant and just makes you want to do great things! I would def hate her if I didn´t love her lol. Looking Forward to Meeting you Clara!!!! Ist us against the Köln Zentrum oder?

So I got a really really bad news from family back in Nigeria and spent the better part of last week dealing with ít. Sometimes, when regular thoughts that come natural get picked up and smashed hard against the wall, you begin to think about other things that should never even be in your head…..but then again, that´s what being human is right?

We get dealt choices that we wouldn´t normally have and you hope to whatever god you believe in that whatever you end up with is the best. I have learned to believe in miracles and at the same time, I also believe that things always happen for a reason and ist with thoughts like these that keep me going.

Oh by the way….I am totally loving the product in my Featured Image. I got it from dm for less than 4 euros and I can basically use it two times cos yeah it is quite a small jar but it is so amazing. It´s a hair butter but feels more like a conditioner. It works as both a leave in and deep conditioner. I actually mix mine with a bunch of oils and Mayonnaise for deep conditioning. Ist such an amazing product and this is my second time using it soooooooo good times ahead.

Head on down to dm if you live in Germany, get a jar or two.

Enjoy The Weekend Folks


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  • Chioma

    Mehhn! Saying happy holidays is a little bit extreme, if you dont believe in God or xmas, why not stay away from the clebration. Wait.o, did you say you mix the product with mayonnaise? Hope you ar good babe?

    • My point exactly. If you dont like the holiday, simply stay away from its traditions. Now its no longer christmas tree but holiday tree….stupid idiots! Yes im very upset.
      Im ok thank you for asking chioma. Yes i use mayo for my deep conditioning treatments. I cant do raw eggs so i sub wit mayo.

  • Hey hey,

    I’m really sorry about the news you got from Naija. I hope whatever it is gets sorted out soon. Keeping my fingers crossed/praying for the situation.

    In other news, playing christmas songs and the cold (God, the COLD!) in Brussels..means I’m starting to get into the Xmas spirit too. And I kinda agree with you about the “happy holidays” thing, but I’m like shebi it’s my mouth, nobody can force me to stop saying merry xmas. You wish me happy holidays, I tell you merry xmas back, shikena!

    Btw well done for immersing yourself more and more in German! I’m in Vienna again, and it really feels like something got switched on in my brain. I keep reading and listening to everything, although my understanding is obviously is still basic.
    I’m really really really looking forward to this time 10days too…a whole day of wandering round the city and maybe shoe-shopping. Oya go and start practising so you can show off to me o 😉

    As usual an epistle, but before I stop, I wanted to say thanks again for the shoutout. I was just shining teeth here when I saw the post (even though a certain person thinks we’re weird when I call you “my friend near Cologne” haha!)

    See you very soon!!!

    • Thank you hun. Lets not go into the cold. I had to get a daunen jacke cos thats the only way im keeping warm in this wetter. Dieser winter ist wirklich kalt aber kein problem. Ich mag dieser saison am liebsten.
      Abeg leave “mr uncle” sam. Holiday tree indeed.
      Thank u thank u thank u. Im excited about job hunting next year and looking fwd to pushing english down the bottom cos man clara in this place english wont do u any good!
      Lol i was going to indulge in another pair of shoes but will hold on till u get here. We should def do Thai or Chinese for lunch…was denkst du darüber?

    • Ur epistles are always very welcome aber du weiß ja?!?! A certain person knows to ignore us hehe aber ja kein problem. Du bist eine sehr schöne Frau und ich freue mich auf du zu sehen

  • Turn down for what biko?! Its Christmas ladies and gentle men, hence we are soooooo turning up! lmao So whether its “happy holidays” oh, or its “Merry Christmas” ooo, all join, as we sha know the season and the whole world knows the reason for the season that involves many Chickens. heheheh 🙂 How art thou Bubba? i really hate bad news, and i am totally sorry for the news from home. What ever it is Bubba, kindly know that at the end of everything yeah, everything will be alright! So Phoenix please keep keeping on! Sooo you are gonna meet with the beautiful and Amazing Clara yeah! Choi, congrats Bubba. Turn Up! Turn up! You both should take picshur for us oh! lmao. Take care of you Bubba, and do be safe. Cheers. 🙂 **In Wizkids voice…She be our fine fine fine lady eh! fine lady…

    • Ehhhh….dont u dare turn down!!! Thank you jor, im def dealing with it.

    • Yes yes yes we are meeting up next week….picshur will def happen!!!
      Thanks again Duru, you def leave behind rays of good sunlight when u visit.

  • new dawn

    Salu-te for catching up fast with German language.
    Bad news from home? Sorry o, hope it’s all sorted out now?
    I am yet to put mayo on my hair, will try it out someday.

    p.s I don’t get reply comments in my box.
    Compliments of the season 😀

    • Thanks NewD, i need to na. English does me no good here.
      Yeah for protein deep conditioning. I cant deal with raw eggs in my routine so i sub with mayo!!!

  • Hey!

    Thanks for the blog comment on my blog. Saw that you had one of your own and came by to read an entry. Pleasant surprise that you’re also a naturalista! I look forward to reading more entries and hopefully some discussions about natural hair care. I rely on extensions as a protective style so a lot of times my pics will have that. But I wear my hair natural when the extensions are out. Would love to discuss that with you. Looking forward to reading these blog entries you have.

    • Hi Diva was super excited reading your posts. Helps tremendously with the language too. I was already thinking about including more hair care posts but im no professional….but yeah, im getting into the swing of things with my hair and will def update. Thank you.
      I love extensions too but i find it hard keeping them in longer than two weeks. A good thing i install myself haha.
      So yes, lets def talk hair!!!
      Thank you for visiting

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