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Was Siehst du?

[dropcap style=”dark”]I[/dropcap]’m so big on movies and tv series and lately I have been getting my high on beides. Sadly though I have been totally disappointed. Meine Lehrerin sagt wir mussen fern auf deutsch sehen but that’s one tip I’m not taking. Actors like Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Sean Connery etc have such exceptional voices. No way am I listening to someone else voice them.

So, series I’ve been watching?

Person Of Interest: I totally dig Jim C ever since Count Of Monte Cristo and he was amazing in Passion Of The Christ. Sure I really haven’t followed his career but he was obviously the best choice to play John. His expressionless look in the face of danger, his smooth moves, the way he keeps his lips when he is impressed with someone. That suit??? Need I say more. Harold on the other hand makes geek sexy. Shaw? A woman I would totally play. Sure there are a few crappy scenes and episodes but I truly love this series and like how its playing out.

The 100: the jury still out on this and it’s chucked down as one of the crappy series I watch. Octavia though is surely surprising me. She goes from being a spoilt brat to a quick study survivor and in the situations she finds herself in for the love of Lincoln, she’s total kickass.

Grimm: I’m a great fan of the brothers Grimm so when I first started watching this one, I was excited. A 21st century Grimm tale….brilliant. Monroe and Rosalie are actually my fave characters. Trubel of course was a great addition and I was quite sad to see her leave…hope she returns in a future season. Luckily,I don’t expect much from this one so when an episode turns out really good, it’s joyful hehe.

Resurrection: i do not for any reason watch Omar Epps. Don’t ask me why, i just do not. Which seems quite understandable with this series. Apparently it was first produced in France but was a huge flop. Now this American version is obviously better than the french but Epps acting here is just so pathetic. The storyline is definitely good though.

Constantine: dark art practices. Need I say mehr? I liked the Keanu Reeves movie a lot even though I felt it could have ended another way. This series though is nicht so schlecht. Its always fun to see how he handles each case.

Walking Dead: this needs no explanation whatsover. The series totally rocks big time and I get so upset when the producers take a middle season break. Keeping a girl in bloody suspence.

Once Upon A Time: ahhh yes the crappy series I got attached to. Who doesn’t love a fairy tale story indeed. From Emma realising the great powers she’s got to Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin going from hero to zero in a carousel method. I do like how they add in fairy tales we are familiar with. And the inclusion of Frozen wasn’t so bad at all.

Elementary/Sherlock: i actually like the British version better. Hmmm probably cos i get to soak in the accent with a warm blanket and einen tasse kakao….who knows.

Gotham: i only saw 3 episodes of this but i really like it. Aside from the fact that the characters got more than a tad bit mixed up but it’s still a cool series. Jada Pinkett may be putting a good game under her belt with this one.

Defiance: this started out really really bad but managed to get better. Still not worth the trouble but if you get bored and feel the need to see aliens living among humans in a futuristic America, then this is your high.

Marvel Agents Of Shield: ok i’m sooooooo into comic books and movie versions….ghost rider was so bad thoughh..but i’m totally partial to comic book movies and would watch them regardless of the critics’ negative reviews. It would be cool to see Phil in a recent marvel movie and hear what the explanation would be. I can very well imagine Stark with his wise cracks. However, pairing May up the the traitor (totally forgot his name) was stupid. Calvary could have done vety well with no office romance methinks.

Stayed glued for the next part of this post!!!! Have a good day Leute and enjoy the week before christmas. We have our Tanenbaum all set up….just the lights left to add. We are totally looking forward to Christmas. Did you know Germany celebrates Christmas on the 24th?

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