A Day In The Stadt Zentrum!!

[dropcap style=”dark”]G[/dropcap]uten Abend folks…..

I’ve been a tad bit lazy these past days and who can blame moi really? Its Christmas☺

Friday was a totally fun day and one I won’t be forgetting in a long time. Ich treffe mich mit Clara in Köln und sie ist sehr interessant. Her coolness itself is totally cool.

We met up at about 8:35am and spent practically the whole day together. From getting to know us in the hbf McDonald’s, gisting and not bothering about the time to our Schokolade Museum tour which by the way is a really amazing place. Although the weather was really crappy, we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Es regnet den ganzen Tag and we jacked our regenschirme with us which turned out play things for the wild wind we encountered along the Rhein and by the Dom.

Pictures? Duh!!! Just don’t expect a photography smartness. Yeah yeah I know I promised but one step abi? Eh


So that’s how we spent our Freitag. Here’s to more fun hang outs Olu (see, I’m learning).

One more post a day after Christmas and it’s goodbye to 2014….one of the best years of my life. I will be introducing more categories into the blog by the way so keep eyes peeled for those.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram….my photography skills are practiced over there.

Have a great week Leute…Frohe Weihnachten.

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