Good Night And Good Luck!!!

[dropcap style=”dark”]H[/dropcap]ey folks!!!!

I’m guessing y’all had some jollof rice and chicken, went to church and visited friends(not in this order of course). Us? Old pair that we are, spent 25th lazing about. Well I lazed around while Gorgeousness worked on my new lay out….yeah it’s totally amazing right? I’m in awe and my slobbering kisses are on a good high. It was one of my Weihnachtsgeschenke und ich bin sehr glücklich über sie. Mein Mann ist ein Engel oder? Haha

I love the fact that I can include my web shop into the blog as I was worried a bit about creating a website specially for it with all the bureaucracy involved so this was just brilliant. Thank you again Gorgeousness, you rock big time. [icon color=”#444444″ size=”16px” name=”awesome-star-empty”]

So ich habe mein Buch Americanah gelesen aber ich bin noch nicht fertig. I’m basically down 300 pages and can’t wait to talk about all the ear marked pages with my friend Kandi. Although I get the feeling she loves the book more than I do. I got a bit bored with Obinnze’s tale and skipped through a lot of it and I felt she got overwhelmed by her story writing at some point but this is a final review for when I’m done with the book. So if you have read it, “mark time” cos we will be talking about it.

I talked about a very cool interview I did a few days ago with a really nice lady on Instagram… If you haven’t checked out my Instagram, please do so cos I will be posting most of my photos on there…anyways, she’s the lady from multicoolty and she has interviewed a ton of interesting folks and I feel so less interesting beside them lol. From the drummer you are sure to see in front of the Köln bahnhof to students who moved spontaneously and the couples making Germany their home. One thing binds every one together and that is the need to integrate.

I’ve met a girl who said the integration was too much for her so she moved back home. A student in my language class couldn’t deal with not seeing her family and so bought a one way ticket back to Spain.

I’m totally psyched that she thought I was interesting enough to interview….boring old me that falls asleep at 7pm, stays home all the time and swoons after a few pints which I find depressing cos I used to be able to hold alcohol…a long time ago…lmao

Anyways, this is it guys for 2014. Duru talked about a giveaway and I had already decided about doing one so will share details on my Instagram page. Enjoy the few days left and of course stay safe. Wishing you a very great year ahead.

Bis 2015[icon color=”#444444″ size=”16px” name=”awesome-thumbs-up”]

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