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Die Show Muss Weiter Gehen

Happy New Year folks!!!!

So excited to get 2015 going. So many plans not written nor laid out, but I do know they will be done. We spent the few minutes into 2015 watching the fireworks in our quiet little dorf, drinking wine with our hausmeister and his wife. Lovely couple by the way.

So what plans have i got!!!!!

I got a great tip from Olu about making notes to speed up my language skills and I must admit that was a great idea. We are also planning to use Skype to encourage each other and with our crazy schedules I hope it works out cos the idea gefällt mir gut.

I talked about creating more categories for the blog and today I will add three which I will try to update regularly.


Before I moved to Germany, I heard ppl say Germany was a tough country to relocate to and I was always surfing the net, searching for comfortable tips I could handle but I never really did find one. Even planning our wedding with me in Nigeria and Gorgeousness in Germany it was tiring. There was all these negative comments about marrying a german citizen. We were constantly sending sites back and forth for easy reading and I could tell it was driving him nuts…hell it was driving me nuts. We even considered getting hitched in Vegas or Denmark, but even that, we still heard the marriage may not be valid in Germany. Suffice to say, it was a tiring process. Out of frustration, he bit the bullet and walked into the Ausländerbehorde of the city he lived in and you will not believe how easy everything went from that first appointment. The only document they needed was a 6 months old birth certificate.

Luckily the American embassy gave us a website where I could apply for a new birth certificate cos I really had no idea how to get one.

I joined networking sites for foreigners in Germany to get tips about living here and truth be told, nothing you read is the same as what you experience. So I figured I start a category and talk about my experiences. Should be fun…

Fiction stories

I love writing….I would write long epistles (as Olu would call them) in comment boxes of blog sites if I had the chance…I do sometimes…ask a few blogs I visit Lol. Ironically, my love for writing wasn’t my reason for starting a blog but I will let that one slide for now hehe. As a teen, I used to love cooking up odd stories and my head spun with adventures. I was basically living in a parallel universe where I was this famous writer that brought her characters to life with a pen. One school year, I made a list of famous Michael Jackson songs(errrm, all his songs were famous duh!) and created stories using each title. I once tried to publish a book but that didn’t go so well. I would connect with old secondary school friends and the first thing they would ask is : are you still writing?

If I really think hard about it,the reason I’m a huge Chimamanda fan is cos she got to become the one thing I wanted to be….a famous author. I joined a writing site and one reader said I write like she does and that was the greatest writing compliment ever. Not that I actually believe it but hey,,,,no harm basking in the ambience of that comment abi?


Yes yes yes, I said I would not ever make posts about outfits and all that make up jazz. And I probably will not but I do plan to feature people whose styles I admire. But I’m also experimenting with make up and will do it very often. I woke up one morning with the urge to whip out my girly side. I’m no spring chicken, not the prettiest on the block and was always afraid to act like a girl. I was probably a tad bit scared, I had grown too deep into a b-girl and wasn’t comfy in anything remotely girly. I was more confident without make up than when I used so much as eye shadow and lip gloss. But then I realized I was extremely bold when hanging out with Gorgeousness. He was like my muse and his compliments (hey I asked for them when he forgets to say how good I looked) were very inspiring. He would come home with a palette, a piece of jewelry,something that pushed up my girly-ness. At Christmas I recieved 3 different lippies in my sock and I was like a child when I saw them.

I recently got a new pair of platforms, quite comfy but for someone like me who is learning to walk in heels it was a bit too much but I didn’t mind at all….I’m going to rock them heels until the soles cry out for help. So for 2015, out with the b-girl, in with the new goofy girly love of Gorgeousness’s life.



This goofy photo I took a few days back and couldn’t believe how gorgeous I looked….yes I do look pretty…doll like even Lol. I tried on an ombre effect using red lip liner from the femme fatale line of Essence (my favorite make up brand from DM) then I used a bright pink lipstick from a brand called Barry M. Never heard of them until I got the tub but they make really cute colours. Tell me again why I shouldn’t toss out my boyish clothes???? Silly Me. Oh yeah, Gorgeousness couldn’t stop staring…let’s just say it was a perfect end to the day hahahahaa.

Enjoy the first day of the new year folks and stay safe.

Frohes Neues Jahr!


Photo by David Blackwell.

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