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I trailed one of the blogs I visit and found a versatile tag she had done and tagged me. I didn’t know about it as she didnt tell me she had done that so thank you Sogie.

I started the blog summer of last year and have gotten a few blog awards from fellow bloggers and for me that’s what makes peer themed blog award fun. I mean, we are busy finding ways to make our own blogs better, keep up with posts and comments and ofcourse deal with spam contents but still make out time to visit other blogs.

There are a gazillion blog sites all over the world and it’s quite interesting visiting most of them and viewing their contents. I really only started searching fashion blogs when I made up my mind to loose my b-girl status. Most of these fashion blogs are all about the hottest Louboutin heels, the trendiest Gucci purse, the funkiest Michael Kors wristwatch, Burberry coats and well, you get the point. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against designer labels, hell no, I love them but hey we can’t afford them and I’m too much of a thrifty cheapskate to spend 1000€ on a purse. So that ended my fashion blog trails. However, I did find a blogger who shares photos of outfits you can easily afford. I’m certain if I search deeper, I will find more.

So onto these blogs, it’s fun checking them out and seeing the versatility of the topics, and a ton of them keep you glued with all the colors from photos and all.

Now the versatile blogger award is used to identify blogs with great contents, great quality writing, amazing photos and the ability to keep readers entertained.

I do feel a tad bit unworthy of this award as my photography skills are not exactly top notch and my contents are not all that great but hey, I got selected so I’m doing it…..versatile after all I do believe I am…errr yes.

So, the rules are simple. *Show gratitude to the blogger who selected you. *select 15 blogs that you have recently discovered. *share 7 things about yourself.

So, most of the awards I did were exactly the same but hey, what do you expect abi? So here are 7 more facts about me.


1. I’m easily misconstrued. Yeah, I’ve lost quite a few friends cos for some reason, my mentality is a bit too much for them to handle. Which I really don’t fault them for this. I am versatile after all abi? Lol

2. I am totally clueless when it comes to fashion. Jeans and a tee is all I need. That’s all changing this year.

3. I’m afraid of roaches. I used to go insane at the sight. Now I go insane and swat them after bouts of shrieks.

4. I hate when people who know Gorgeousness personally, still say : “your husband ”

5. I’m a sucker for shoes.

6. A European adult that can’t read upsets me. Judgemental ich weiß aber ist wahr.

7. I’ve once worked as a front desk receptionist at a small dingy hotel and hated every minute of it. I also worked as a telemarketer and that was just as bad. I once called a client who’s wife called me “husband snatcher”. Another told me to stop being an idiot and find a decent job. Yeah, I quit after two months. I have no patience for rude people and was going to loose my job anyways with the subtle come backs I usually responded with.

So I haven’t discovered 15 new blogs but I def have to say that Ola has amazing photography skills. I especially love her Mango Tree Restaurant Review and her Skincare And Beauty Secrets post….just check her out if you can, she’s a beautiful blogger. Yes I go on and on about her in every award post but yeah, she’s that amazing. She inspired me to try photography.

Clara is an incredible writer and she def has a lot to tell from her travels to the books she’s read…let’s not forget she speaks French, Yoruba, a bit of Italian I think and now learning Deutsch.

Nitty Gritty is very entertaining indeed. She basically chronicles her life in the US of A in the eyes of a Nigerian woman so a lot of hilarious moments.

Ola from Thebeautblogger I recently discovered from Ola( not typo…same name lol) and I’m always checking her out for new contents. Stalker much? Her post on “1 Tip Before Sharing Your Vision” is extremely cool and she is totally versatile.

Ladeutschediva I also found via instagram and the reason I am a huge fan is that she blogs in German. She’s a foreigner as well and as clichéd as it sounds, I do relate and I’m glad I found her cos she makes me practice my little Deutsch.

I also found Bree L on quirkybrownlove. She is definitely versatile and boy has she got a very colorful blog. She came up with this brilliant idea to feature exceptional relationships, the kind you just might not see in the media. The kind that is definitely worth telling. Her interviews are interesting and gives you a good look into what real life truly is.

That’s it for the day folks. Next week, class continues and I’m totally eager to go on with my lessons. Have a wonderful weekend Leute.



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  • anonymous

    Cool post. Every woman worth her salt should love shoes….Lol
    I completely get you about that whole your husband crap. I hate it too and have been known to respond with his name so you know how silly you sound.

    • Haha i do that too. Your husband sounds like a stupid tag. Hows ur husband, say hi to ur husband, greet your husband….ah ah kilode with that crap

  • jaywalker

    I get you on that fashion blogger biz. I used to hate it too but was a bit ashamed to admit i couldnt afford labels. Your post just made me realize how stupid i must have looked. I mean really, you don’t get arrested for boldy admitting it shebi?
    Well done Phoenix

    • Yes indeed jaywalker. I once heard a chic say h/m zara mango etc are for ppl on a budget and im like errrrr ok. This was coming from someone whose fashion sense needed schooling.
      Not that i know anything about fashion of course but still ….

  • Id-Phibs

    Bwahahahaha Europeans that can’t read. Judgemental true but still understandable. Imagine living in a country like Nigeria where schools are really not free. Sure there are some free schools in Lagos, Portharcourt , etc but check them out and you would know that its much better to go to regular schools instead. So yes im with you there. The opportunities given to people in first world countries upsets you when you see how they misuse it. Sad really, but hey

    • That’s exactly my thought too. I mean as long as you have no illness that hinders your brain or you are blind, you have no reason whatsoever.

  • New Dawn.

    You blog is irresistible, that is why, the awards keep flowing in…and you are so kind to me 😀
    And I relate with you in #1, I have come to accept it! If one will not say, where I erred, so as to apologize, or make changes, or explain why? then be it!
    Thanks for the award J
    P.s What does the title of the post mean?

    • Ooooh thank you thank you Nitty. Truly, I’ve had ppl tell me i upset them a year after said upsetting took place. Hell i didn’t even remember it cos i didn’t think it was that upsetting so yeah, good riddance.
      You are very welcome. Title basically means “we are all versatile”!

  • Clara

    For a clueless Frau, you certainly have been heating up instagram with your pictures 😉

    @number 4, what about the people that insist on calling him G even after they find out his name. gorgeousness just sounds so…cute!
    @number 5, yep can confirm this!

    Thanks for nominating me and being so “complimentful”. I’ll get to it asap…In other news, you should probably start charging me for German lessons/naija cooking lessons and constantly inspiring me to blog.

    • Ha!! That’s only the beginning Clara. My girly days are so here to stay.
      Hey i started calling him G cos of you sef! Yeah #5 is pretty straight forward. Lol
      No worries hun, i will be billing you soon and just for the record, i take cash

  • Chioma

    @ no 1 is just sooo funny, I get why my brother doesn’t have friends, nobody can keep up. I love shoes too, they make me feel like am so rich.

    • Hahaa that’s how we roll. That’s exactly how i feel with really good looking shoes too, regardless of how much i got them!!

  • Shahidah

    E (can I call you E until we meet and you tell me how to pronounce your name properly?),

    This is amazing! A great read, it definitely makes me want to check the other blogs out, they sound so interesting. Since it’s Sunday, a lazy day, I will go through them now. I am so so so honored that you mentioned me. That is truly why I blog because I know how it feels to live in Germany and be an obvious foreigner. I feel less of a fashion blogger myself series because I don’t have Louis and all that but let’s be real! Most of us don’t have it like that and some of us may but choose to conserve our funds. I love pretty things like the next girl but on a budget! 🙂

    Don’t feel bad about your fashion sense. A T-shirt and Jeans are great because you are naturally beautiful. Don’t change. If a different type of fashion sense something you’d like to try go for it. Otherwise stay you’re beautiful self. You can even make a niche out of your type of fashion sense. We can talk privately about that. But you’re inspiring as well.

    One of the things I’m going to do is make time to support other blogs by keeping current on them (such as yours) as well as make time to frequently update my own.

    Thanks again for the mention and I’m so glad that you’ve had success. I guess I better get started on my reply to this huh? 🙂

    • Hahah no worries Shahidah(lovely name by the way)
      They are really interesting blogs and im always on there as often as i blog. I know! I was so excited when i found your blog and you write in deutsch. So amazing. I also saw your you tube vid and even started nursing the idea of uploading videos in german….sadly my language confidence still needs a big boost.
      I do think jeans and tees are great too haha, i still buy them. Lol. Thank you so very much for your beautiful words, means a great deal reading it.
      And im way ahead of you on that plan. Yesterday i went thru some interesting blogs i found on google+ and plan to keep current on them as well. This little tiny space on the web is all ours right?
      No worries hun, im a huge follower du weiß.

  • Ola Lifetalks

    Going to do this tag tomorrow thanks for tagging me, I know it may not seem this way but it really keeps me going. Your consistency is something that can’t be argued with. as to why you should definitely feel worthy of this award. Thanks again for your constant support it means everything. 🙂

    • U are welcome ola. I do try to be consistent and also figured i write out posts and save for rainy days lol.
      Thanks for saying that. 🙂

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Ghen ghen.. Happy new year Bubba, wishing you and yours an amazing 2015 :).. I sooooo love the calmness that comes with reading your post. Atimes yeah, it has that Teacher student feeling, but in your case yeah, we are eager to attend and enjoy the class **Shines teeth.. Sooo Mzz Versatile right?! I like the #7 i was smiling like a fish as i read it.. No be small Husband snatcher ooo.. Mehn sorry in arrears Bubba, I can only imagine the pain waking up to go to such Jobs entails. Cheers Bubba. xx

    • Uuuuh someone is back from the villa. I hope you have sun setting pictures for us, market women selling fruits and veggies, farm animals crossing the roads…..i miss seeing all that o. So duru u better have them stored in your gallery for a future post.
      Your comments always crack me up dude, u are def a ray of light on here mehn…ghen ghen
      I used to want to be some kind of teacher really but sadly this never happened lol
      #7 ah, what did i not hear as a telemarketer? Ha, it was a miracle i stayed that long sef

  • Sogie

    Nah you are not scared of roaches trust me, know this guy that literally transforms into a girl when he sees one
    I didn’t know you didn’t see, left a comment bout it *I think…. closes faces*.

  • Thats ok sogie. Thanks for the tag

  • fola

    looool ur post made me giggle. we r sooo alike! i detest roaches so much. deep hatred.
    i also once worked in customer care and i hated every moment of it. the shifts, the customers, the company, the pay, everything.
    i shud check out these blogs u mentioned-they sound interesting 🙂


    • Deep hatred hahahahah. Yeah those little buggers are down right creepy! They are, totally!

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