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Hey folks.

I’m betting everyone had a great new year celebration. Some peeps are probably still celebrating which of course is great. I’v been grateful that I got to spend uninterrupted days with Gorgeousness. We, being the boring pair that we are stayed home all day except when we visit his mum or go shopping for food and all.


He is still working on the blog so while he does that, I’m prepping plans for it. And of course, watching YouTube videos for “on fleek” make up. Fleek by the way is a word I’m not even sure I know its true meaning lol but let’s imagine that I do.

So, it’s 2015. Any plans? I stopped making resolutions a long time ago cos they never panned out. So I just wing it….yeah, I do this a lot. I however do plan to get involved in more diy for my hair. I recently learned to get sew ins done by myself which basically means I have no need for salons at all. I braid, cornrow and now I can fix in hair extensions all by myself. Can I get any cooler? Gorgeousness just ordered a mannequin head for my wig making attempts. I plan to do some kind of protective style challenge where I will do one every month with yarn and kinky braids. I’m loving the pro10 bohemian curls I sewed in so will get it done again this summer.

I also got some crayons as I want to pick up illustrations again. Not holding out for this one but you never know. I have been crazy with getting apps but I figured I do it on paper first and get familiar with strokes and colors.

I’m thinking about getting bold and stopping ppl on the streets for photo sessions. I see cool street fashion everyday and always wonder what their stories are. I even thought about attending shows regarding hair and fashion despite distance but with school getting slightly tough I may not be able to do a lot of travelling so will take a rain check on that plan.

I’m yet to set up the Skype date with Clara but that is def going to happen cos I’m totally eager to improve my german….even though Gorgeousness says I shouldn’t be too hard on myself or I will become overwhelmed and loose the effort.

Anyways, this is the idea for the first six months. So update will be done around June. Let’s see how much of all that I actually accomplish.

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  • ornela

    ich finde deinen plan sehr interessant. please do share your diy Tipps: Love diys


    nette grüße

    • Oh ich weiß aber werde ich alles machen??? Gute frage haha.
      Ja ich weiß, dass du diy liebst. Dein blog hat so viel diy rezept und ich muss manche probieren.

  • anonymous

    get real bold cos it isnt as easy as it sounds.
    share your diy recipes pls

    • Lol….thank you for scaring me. I def will. Although ornela(first comment) has amazing diy recipes so check her out

    • Oh dear….if you do not speak deutsch, then it might be discouraging. But then again, the words are pretty similar to english so shouldnt be hard to figure out. I will ask her tho maybe i can translate my favourite recipes from her post over here

  • anon

    resolutions are usually a dime a dozen in january. great plans. found you thru Facebook.

    • Oh yes they def are. Haha. Thanks for checking me out.

  • Chioma

    I don’t make resolutions too cos I never kee them. I’ve got some things I want to do like mastering french and improving my sewing skills. Please do get bold and take street style shots, it would be great

    • Haha i will try to be bold i promise!!
      Ive slacked on my sewing skills so badly but hopefully will pick it up next year. This year is all about improving my german.

  • Ola Lifetalks

    Well done on doing your hair by yourself thats something I need to learn. I know how to do a few things but with cornrows I suck. I would want to see some of your drawings.
    And your other half is right don’t be too hard on yourself. How’s your photography going ? x

    • Thank you ola. I actually just got small sized braids made yesterday and trying to finish up the middle! Its fun but hard work i have to admit. 100€ saved for some shoe shopping! Hehe. photography ? Jury still out on it but i think im doing good. Will put up a pic of something i tried drawing a few weeks back! Thank you

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