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Hey folks…

A few days ago, I was checking out a site and found a post she had done on being German and it got me thinking about the other things I didn’t notice on her list. So here’s my own version.

1) Mineral Wasser:

The first time I visited Germany, I remember how upset I was at being offered fizzy/gas water. I couldn’t stand it at all. It left an odd feeling on my tongue and I guess not being used to it, I always only drank normal water. Now I do not under any circumstance, drink anything but mineral water. Except it’s not cold of course. Still can’t get used to it not being cold. So you know you are German when you start to drink mineral water like your integration depends on it.

2) Bitte and Dankeschön

There’s no totally respectful bunch like the Germans…hmm except maybe the British? The word bitte is almost always in every sentence. At least it looks that way from my lessons. But then again, this doesn’t really count for me since please and thank you are words I basically live by. Still, you know you are German when these words come easy to you like daily meals.

3) Pommes

Now I know a ton of people are huge lovers of french fries/chips and I am not quite sure why they are called french fries(help, anyone?) but your life in Germany isn’t complete if this isn’t part of your menu…and best of all, it’s vegan friendly(probably get theirs freshly cut and baked but same difference oder?) so the moment you realise you munch on these chubby and ribbed babies like life was formed on it, then you most definitely have become German.

4) Ja, oder, Nein

These were the first words I learned during my trips to Germany. My friend’s daughter would use them very often and so moving here, they were my first words. When you find yourself speaking Engli-German, you definitely have been bitten by the bug. My sister makes fun of me when I say ja instead of yes and I do it automatically. So you know you are German when the words yes, or and no in your own language take a nose dive to be replaced with deutsch.

5) Paper work

Well, every one has that, right? But Germany definitely takes the crown for it. They would freaking ask you for 6 months old documents. Kilode? I talked about this, where the standesamt asked me to provide a 6 months old birth certificate. Haba!!! The moment you find yourself arranging all your bloody documents in a film file(is that what they are called? Those opaque and flimsy files), you have definitely gone errrrr….deutsch. Hahah get it?

6) Oma and Opa

This one pretty much assures your germanness haha. As long as you have kids and your German partner’s parents are living, Oma und Opa are words you would basically live by.

7) German TV

Oh lawd….the minute you begin keeping dates with tv series dubbed in deutsch, not only is your germanness on a good high, you are fully integrated. I’m still struggling with this. Everyone encourages me to watch more German tv and I guess I’m just pretty darn stubborn… On the other hand, with the internet I seriously believe the number of people who watch tv has dropped.

That’s my take folks. Will update this post later with a link to the original blog post I got the inspiration for mine from.

Oh little gossip by the way…I hear the woman who swore she was never going to get married finally did. Uh hmm….Cameron Diaz is officially a Mrs somebody which I kind of feel upset about. I used to see her as the living fact that being married wasn’t the ultimate. Errr no Oprah doesn’t count…

Gute Nacht Leute

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