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And Then Ori Saves The Day

So, the past three days have been extremely cold for me and being a winter girl, that has upset me quite a bit! Living in a warm zone practically all my life, I’ve formed a very good Beziehung with the winter! Since moving here, the colder Saisons especially Herbst are my faves!

This past few days however have been driving me bonkers! I hate layering….yes this is a tad bit contradictory but there you go. I always get too warm with all the chunky knits under my chunky Mantels. Yes I do wear larger size coats because my shoulders are a bit too broad and my arms are too long to fit into any store products so I make do with larger sizes for winter clothes. Will def be checking out stores that sell for taller women.

So this cold has been messing up my make up game. All my snoods and scarves and jacket hoods are rubbing off my foundation. The wool fabric clings to my lips and leave hairs behind and please let’s not mention my eye brows that I have been practicing relentlessly on how to get them perfect. But that’s another story…

So starting today, no more make up until warmer days arrive. Which will probably help my face to heal. With the extreme cold and being totally warm every where else, it’s my face that suffers and I find myself constantly scrubbing away with my exfoliating gloves and my dudosun black soap. I have dark patches around my lips and laughing seems to hurt sometimes!

Now, my sister suggested I try applying Ori on my face after exfoliating(which is not new to me. I used to keep ori as body lotion and would use it to battle winter when I visited but never this exact method). I have done so and my face feels totally amazing. So, will be doing this until I run out.

So, how do you battle the winter ????

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