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Endlich Schnee!

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  • La Deutsche Diva

    And THEN you had the nerve to have on flip flops in the pic. I’m too through. #jealous


    La Deutsche Diva

    • Hahahah! I was too excited drawing the curtains back and seeing the snow! I grabbed my camera and ran out the door! Flip flops, calf length leggings und meine Strick Jacke! Ich bin nicht weit gelaufen! I wasn’t that bold! Maybe next snowfall!

  • Ola Lifetalks

    This looks awesome, so am seeing you are putting your camera to good use. Its snowing over here as well but not nearly as much. As cute as it look, I can’t wait for it to end too much.

    • Oh yes yes!!! Its been raining the past days tho so my trials are on pause. We havent had that much snow since and im very envious of countries seeing snow but I do agree that I’m looking forward to the warmer days!

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