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15 Für 15 Jemand?

Hey y’all

I’ve been a happy lady these past days weil ich Schnee sehe and yes I’m a lover of this beautiful season called winter. Living in a hot place like Nigeria, when “NEPA takes light” and turning on the generator is not an option, you have to battle the itchy heat and buzzing flies, fanning yourself with whatever flat thing you can find, slapping away at the buzz, silently praying that the power is restored just so you can turn on the fan/air-conditioning.

So of course I would def become a winter gal. That’s such a no-brainer oder??!!

Anyways, with my recent happy-go-lucky self, I decided to join the 15 for 15 challenge by blogger janylbenyl.


It basically involves creating a theme for 15 posts of which you are to write in the year. Chioma, Duru and Clara are in so I figured why the hell not? It sounds like fun and I might as well challenge myself to do stuff. So I had a talk with Clara over what theme I could do and I was going to come up with a beauty and fashion theme seeing as this is something I suck at, so the challenge would encourage me to try it. But then she made a whole lot of sense with her integration idea and since I already have that as a category I might as well get it going.

So the thing is you put up two posts in January regarding your theme and since the month is almost done, I have to be quick about it!

It sounds like a lot of fun and she did say an idea would be to go with a theme you wouldn’t normally write about on your blog which of course ups the game a bit but I’m liking the idea of combining integration and beautyfashion into one theme. Sounds to me like a huge challenge as we all know fashion is rocket science to this woman right here!

So this is me with my introductory post for the challenge with a theme I will call Doppelgänger

So let’s bring on the fashionistas and basic life in Deutschland with this theme!!!

Gute Nacht Leute!!!

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  • Janyl Benyl

    Awwww dear I love the sound of it
    I can already tell you will have a good run 🙂

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Oossshhhey! Shessss in! I am uber excited right about now bubba.. Legggooo… Okay Nonso calm down.. Duru behave ya self.. hehehe Mehn i am thrilled that you keyed in! This Challenge is gonna be very ghen ghen aswear, as you blog in a really distinct way. I ssoom cant wait. Ooooossshey!

    • Oshhheeeey!!!!! My friend calm down! Hahahahahhahah.
      Duru I figured it would be cool to challenge myself and after reading you three’s entry I was convinced! Thanks dude, kind words always!

  • Chioma

    This is going to be amazing, anticipating

  • Clara

    Welcome to the club of cool people lol! I’m so glad you decided to opt-in!!!

    • Officially a cool chic!!!! Yeah it seemed like such a great idea.

  • Miss mako

    ohh i love the idea of blogging about something different. i should join this bandwagon.x

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