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15 Für 15: Umzug; Kapitel Eins

I totally forgot about adding a second Entry to complete my challenge participation or no scratch that! I have been thinking about the second entry and wasn’t sure what to write on. I was planning a picture post but I won’t be able to edit it until weekend when Gorgeousness can help out!

So for the second installment, I would basically talk about moving to Germany and the things I had to do before and after my umzug.


I actually remember stuffing my suitcase with everything I thought I needed…plus all my Nigerian spices and dry food I could take with me. Of course they are sold here, albeit teuere als Nigeria aber es ist the Nigerian in me I guess….plus the cheapskate I’m not ashamed to admit being!

First of all, I have to say that having dual citizenship helped make my relocating so much easier and way way less stressful so I cannot say for certain the exact things you have to do aside from visa application if you are from a country that requires visa. I’ve never had to apply for myself so I’m not going to have ideas about that and I say this because I always get questions like: can you help me move to Germany, how did you apply for a visa? How long stay did you get? I have no answers except: please go to the embassy and find out.

OK so, I did try to get my university certificate just in case I needed it for school as I had ideas about going for a masters program here in Germany but with my language skills not measuring up, I would probably have to do an Ausbildung seeing as the english speaking Universität just might bore a huge hole in our bank account or maybe online except that I must have heard somewhere that Germany doesn’t accept every online gotten degree…more research coming on that.

So sadly, I wasn’t able to get my certificate. The wahala was just too much and I got sent from one department to other, yielding negative results and I felt like I was on an etoidagha trip(if you attended a boarding school in Nigeria, you will know this! Hahah). Hopefully I will try again on my next Nigerian trip.

That’s the only thing I was crazy about leaving with from Nigeria and even though our educative system is not exactly seen as good, I could have at least had it evaluated abi?

Anyways, I remember walking out of arrivals and seeing Gorgeousness coming towards me! My heart skipped at the sight of him and I just couldn’t let go when he hugged me. Yeah we probably recorded the longest hug in the history of mankind!

Surprisingly, it was a different feel for me. All the other times I visited Germany didn’t feel the same with this time probably because I knew I wasn’t going back home. I was about to start a journey I’ve never been on with the most amazing human being and it felt sehr gut.

Now, the paper aspect of moving, I left all that to him since of course I knew nothing. I arrived the weekend we were scheduled to move to another apartment and apparently in Deutschland, you have to register your presence in the Stadt Rathaus at the Bürgerbüro and it’s called MeldeBescheinigung and I think there’s a time limit to do this. It basically means that you are a registered resident of the city and you pay rent and taxes there.

I also had to register my presence as a foreigner and I had two weeks to do this. Not sure exactly why but I think it helps them keep track of your arrival in case something ever came up and you needed to prove stuff. Remember Germans luuuuurve them some paperwork!

Then we had to schedule a termin at the Standesamt so we could be interviewed and given a date for our court marriage. In Germany, the registry wedding is the most important and valid union. Not that the church wedding isn’t seen as important, but you must have your marriage validated with the German laws if you live here. Especially if you got married some place else, the govt has to approve your union before they accept it.

After we got hitched, I needed to apply for a totally new passport with my new name and get an A1 language result before I could be given the Aufenthaltstitel which is an ID card with your info kind of like the state issued ID cards in America. Residence permit ID card basically. Since I didn’t have the A1 test result at the time, I was given the temp card which I had to renew every three months.

Now I’m almost done with A2 and heading on to the B1 modules. Which I hear will be tough!

Not to make this post long (I’m not good with reading loooooong posts…I loose interest half way), I will finish up my relocating experience in another post!

Einen schönen Tag noch!!

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  • Clara

    Aww I can imagine that reunion! Like in the movies I guess…

    thank you so so much for this! I don’t know why I’m this interested, because there are no concrete plans for a move to Germany at least for now. Still you never know, as T is applying everywhere. I will continue to read these particular posts with a lot of interest.

    Wieder, viel dank!

    • Hahahah Clara aber du weiß, dass ich Film mag! Aber, ja ich denke ein paar Tipps ist nicht so schlecht und ich muss danke sag zu dir für Hilfe mit the Thema!
      Ich hoffe, dass T ein job in Deutschland finde(oder findet!) lol du verstehest oder? Was ich schreiben meinte ich.

  • Janyl Benyl

    Seems like a lot of processes
    All the best

    • Well,yes in a way it kind of is…lol

  • Duru John de Beloved

    Ghen ghen! Wow! Nice.. I can imagine how it felt moving.. As in leaving home with forever in view.. I can imagine the uncertainty that filled your mind and all that might have come with it! Oh well Bubba, i believe that the fact that you are more fulfilled and happy now is top most priority, and nothing else comes close.. About getting your certificate from a Nigerian public university at a time of your choice… Mehn its easier to moon walk on water and do 7 backflits still on water than to get that thing until the ancestor and moon spirit of the V.C of the Uni decides its time.. Naija and their many many wahala… Turn up Turn up ladies and gentlemen, this will most definitely be one of the blogs i will run to to come read for the challenge… #Anticipate. **Shines teeth. Happy new month bubba.

    P.S: Hmmnn gorgeousness ba?! Dear Future geh friend, do you hia that?! where ever you are ehn, you berra think up a more ghen ghen name to call me oh! baby wont cut it this time! Mehn Gorgeousness! Thats MEGA DORO cool biko. 🙂

    • Nothing else comes close truly dude, well said! Hahaha moonwalking and backflips seem so easy compared to this so I’m totally in agreement! The drama just for certificate as Clara would say: gets my goat. Lol ATTN: duru’s future geh friend…this one’s for you! He he baby will most def not cut it this time

  • Ola Lifetalks

    I can imagine the reunion as well, sounds so sweet. In Germany are you still able to access nigerian food and is it a culturally diverse environment. I would love to know more about german life, I have this image in my head that its 99% oyinbo but I know thats wrong.

    • Oh lawd Ola it was amazing! I should go away more often just to get the reception! Haha.
      Oh yeah, totally. There are three shops close to my apartment(when I say close I mean less than 30mins train ride!) And yes it so certainly diverse. Hey, my language coach isn’t even German! She’s Russian lol. Hahaha @90% but yeah it makes sense to think that way. I am basically the only African woman in the church we go to. There are churches run by Africans of course and I’ve seen a few black people around my city. Köln is full of foreigners… In the train when approaching the central station, theres always an English version of stops announcement, the station there too makes English and I think French maybe I’m not certain. So yes, Germany is very culturally diverse

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